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Professional Wood Pellet Grills

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Wood Pellet Grills - Handcrafted Grills

Wood Pellet Grills

Wood Pellet Grills: which one is the best?

The wood pellet barbecue is equipped with at least one tank in which the pellets are contained; in more advanced models there are more tanks in relation to the number of braziers. An auger takes the quantity of pellets necessary to reach the preset temperature in the control panel and deposits them in the brazier.

The ventilation system cooks food by convection of heat (indirect cooking), evenly, at a constant temperature.

For this reason, AgriEuro tries to simplify the purchasing process, providing various advanced filters to restrict the choice to a few models. Don't wait any longer and buy your new barbecue right away at the best price on the web!

Grills - Wood Pellet Grills: what are the main features?

This type of grill is equipped with an advanced technology allowing you to cook a variety of foods in a fast, practical way with optimal results. Let's start by defining this particular fuel: wood pellet. It is considered a great substitute of classic wood. The combustion of this material does not have an unpleasant smell but provides, like other fuels used, an excellent cooking level.

With wood pellet, we will certainly have a type of indirect cooking, with which it’s possible to preserve food also from the flare-ups: cooking the meat, the fat comes into contact with the flame and acts as fuel bringing the flame to propagate up to the food that is being cooked. In doing so, the food surface will tend to carbonize creating a carcinogen, but thanks to the pellet barbecue this phenomenon is rather limited.

Finally, the ash residue produced by the pellets are minimal, and there is no need to waste large quantities as in the case of wood. It’s also easy to find and has a much lower cost.

In the AgriEuro catalogue there are also other types of Barbecue, including:

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