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Electric Grills

Electric Grill

Electric Grills: which one is the best?

The electric grill allows you to cook food on the electric grid even when the outdoor space available is limited.

On the other hand, with the electric grill you can cook tasty grilled meat without creating that annoying smoke that, in inhabited areas, could bother the neighborhood.

The tabletop electric grills are ideal also for indoor cooking. Thanks to the electrical grid all you need is a power outlet.

AgriEuro has simplified the choice of the best electric grill by providing various advanced filters to narrow down the choice to a few models.

Electric Grill: what are the main features?

All electric grills are equipped with a thermostat that helps monitor the temperature. This makes it possibile to cook the meat to the desired degree.

Another very important rule for perfect meat cooking is speed. The grid must already be pretty hot and cooking should take only a few minutes. If meat is cooked at low temperatures, and therefore for a long time, it loses all the juices and liquids that make it tender, thus making it hard to eat. Fast cooking, on the other hand, cooks the meat quickly and preserves all its goodness.

It is also important to consider the size of your grill, especially when it is equipped with a wheeled frame, in order to evaluate the space available for use and for storage. It will also be important to assess the height and check if the wheeled frame and the barbecue can be separated in order to be stored.

The plates and grids of the electric grill can greatly differ from one model to another. There are cast iron or steel plates, which, in the best models, are mixed, with a smooth side and a grill side. Other models come with interchangeable plates and grids.

Portable grills usually have stainless steel or aluminium grids which allow heat to pass from the heating element underneath directly into contact with the food. Finally, a good electric grill is also equipped with a fat collection tray. In some models, the tray must be filled with water, so that the dripping does not produce smoke or odors.

In the AgriEuro catalogue there are also other types of Barbecues and Grills, including:

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