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Outdoor Wood-fired BBQs - Professional BBQs

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Wood-fired BBQs - Handcrafted BBQs

Wood-fired BBQs

Wood-fired BBQs: which one is the best?

We offer a wide range of wood-fired BBQs suitable for any need. They are distinguished by design and style: modern and refined, classic and small, professional and with various shelves for food preparation before cooking, a model and a suitable size to meet any desire or need of space.

These BBQs are made in heavy plate which prevents its deformation caused by high temperatures reached during cooking and they consist of a combustion chamber in which ignite the wood to prepare the ember and a cooking surface of various sizes depending on the model.

For this reason, AgriEuro tries to simplify the purchasing process, providing various advanced filters to restrict the choice to a few models. Don't wait any longer and buy your new barbecue right away at the best price on the web!

Wood-fired Barbecues: what are the main features?

The wood-fired barbecue is the ideal choice for those who like outdoor cooking according to tradition, in a simple, fast and functional way, even if you are not familiar with grill cooking. These BBQs are also available in portable versions, and can then take anywhere, at a dinner at friends’ home or in your holiday home, so as to always have the healthy cooking of meat and vegetables cooked on a spit. Keep in mind that the wood-fired BBQ can be placed in any corner of your garden. The only thing to remember is to reserve yourself a space for food preparation, to be able to easily insert the load of firewood strong> and prevent sparks or smoke from damaging the green environment of your home. In this case, you can also chose to purchase a spark arrester to solve minor problems during cooking or any gusts of wind during your grill.

Also, keep in mind that the type of wood-fired grill is designed for wide open spaces so you can find several examples of barbecue from the large size and with storage compartments for accessories and cooking tools. Usually the wood-fired BBQ features aluminum or fireproof brick parts, depending on the model and the investment made for cooking food on the grill: the cooking grid allows you to arrange the food to the height and distance considered appropriate to achieve optimum results and no burns. Furthermore, consider that the wood-fired BBQ typology is recommended for those who are familiar with fire and has time to check cooking food step by step, avoiding burning it or create smoke emissions.

In the AgriEuro catalogue there are also other types of Barbecue, including:

All you need for Outdoor cooking . A range of over 34 Wood-fired BBQs at the best price sale on the online market.
Our 2021 AgriEuro catalogue is constantly enriched and updated showing competitive prices from € 110.95 up to € 1,512.35
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