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Outdoor Charcoal BBQs

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Charcoal Barbecues

Charcoal BBQ

Charcoal BBQs: which one is the best?

Our range of charcoal barbecues includes a large variety and is one of the most comprehensive on the web. Choosing the best charcoal barbecue according to your needs is not an easy task and can be rather complicated.

For this reason, AgriEuro tries to simplify the purchasing process, providing various advanced filters to restrict the choice to a few models.

You can choose the barbecue material, the type of grid, wheter or not it is equipped with a lid and also the ideal number of diners for each BBQ.

Buy your new barbecue now at the best price on the web!


Charcoal BBQs: what are the main types to choose from?

We offer a wide range of outdoor charcoal barbecues, most are all Made in Italy, handcrafted by the Italian brand Cruccolini and by Famur. These charcoal BBQs are built with a heavy iron plate which prevents the deformation caused by the high temperatures reached during cooking. These models come with various configurations and various types of accessories. Among those provided as standard we can find: support for spit, side shelves, wheels for movement, drawer for ember recovery. Even the accessories sold separately are extremely numerous and they are particularly useful. Among them, for example, are the charcoal chimney starter which allows an easy ignition of the charcoal, the electric spit roaster or the soapstone grill pan. The greatest innovation of these charcoal BBQs is the tilted cooking grid with channels for the recovery of fats: this type of grid allows a healthier foods cooking and better BBQ cleaning. In addition to the BBQs by Cruccolini and Famur, there are also major brand models like Outdoorchef and Weber.

But what are the main differences between a wood-fired BBQ and a charcoal barbecue?

  • Type of fuel:
    There aremany types of wood that affect the type of fire and the quality of roasts. The charcoal, however, is known as "natural coal" and is a derivative of wood, obtained directly from its combustion.
  • Ignition method:
    The charcoal is very easy to ignite, whereas wood requires more attention. In fact, it has to be lit slowly, like a fireplace, and needs constant attention so that the fire maintains the right and constant temperature while cooking the food.
  • Cooking type:
    There are two main types: direct and indirect cooking. For the first one, it is certainly better to use charcoal, placing the grid with the food directly over the embers. Wood is most suitable for indirect cooking. With this method, the grid is placed between two or more heat sources and a lid allows the heat to be recycled, so that the food does not come into contact with the direct flame but cooks indirectly.

We have divided the charcoal BBQs category as follows:

In the AgriEuro catalogue there are also other types of Barbecues and Grills, including:

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