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Fruit-pressing hoppers

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Fruit press

Mulini macina frutta e pigiafrutta

Le Fruit-pressing machine are designed for the crushing and processing of stoneless fruit.
They are made of stainless steel or enamelled steel, for maximum hygiene even during processing and crushing operations. They can be divided into manual or electric models, depending on production requirements.

In manual fruit press models, the most important and functional part is the flywheel, which transmits the rotary motion to the gears and toothed rollers.
In electric fruit pressers, the fruit is squeezed by an electric motor that provides the necessary power for the operation.

The main parts:

Let's see what the main features of fruit-pressing machines are:

  • The hopper: A sort of funnel of varying size, wehre the fruit to be processed is dumped;
  • Rollers with steel knives:This is the part that chops up the pulp of the fruit and then squeezes out the juice.
    A pair of nylon rollers, on which steel knives are distributed, crush the fruit into small pieces and separate the juice from the pulp;
  • The transmission: This varies according to the model of the fruit press, and can be divided into lateral transmission, in manual machines, and belt transmission,In electric ones, which also has the advantage of acting as a sort of cluthc, in the event of a jam in the machine.

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