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Blade shredder for tractor with maximum cutting height of 100 mm

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Tractor mounted Rotary Slasher

Girotrincia a Lama & Trinciaerba piatti per trattore

Rotary Slasher or Rough Cut Mower, what are the main differences?

The first thing you need to consider is the type of work and where it takes place. In fact, thanks to its blades, the rotary slasher is ideal for mowing uncultivated lawns or quite plain ground, unlike rough cut mowers, that thanks to their higher power and cutting system can be used on stony ground.

Flat mowers with vertical axis, thanks to their simpler cutting system, are also less likely to break or fail compared to corn-stalks shredders, which perform more dangerous jobs.

Flat mowers with vertical axis, buying guide:

To choose your Tractor mounted Rotary Slasher you need to consider three fundamental technical data:

  • Product Level: think about the intensity and frequency with which you are going to use your machine.
  • Tractor Power: the flat mower with vertical axis must be suitable for the type of tractor with which it will be used, an undersized machine for the tractor power could cause damage that warranty will not cover due to incorrect use of the product.
  • Cutting Width: consider the work surface before buying, these machines are ideal for grass cutting in parks, gardens, sports fields, orchards and green areas; a machine that is too small would require several passes over the work area, a greater cutting width would save you a considerable amount of time.

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