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Wiper POP 3 - Robot mower - Max. recommended area 300 m2

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ID: K607100

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Wiper POP 3 - Robot mower - Max. recommended area 300 m2
Free item: Black & Decker BEHTS201-QS Hedge TrimmerFree item: Black & Decker BEHTS201-QS Hedge Trimmer
Max. recommended area
300 m²
Max. slope
36 %
Obstacle detection sensor
Wi-Fi remote control
Motor type
20 V
2.5 Ah
Battery type
Robot operation mode
With perimeter wire
LCD display
Product Features
Body material:
Operating mode:
Mulching cutting system:
Standard equipment
Max. recommended area :
300 m²
Max. slope:
36 %
Rain sensor:
Grass sensor:
Obstacle detection sensor:
Manageable areas:
Wi-Fi remote control:
Manufacturing country:
Motor data
Motor type:
Battery type:
Power supply:
20 V
2.5 Ah
Working autonomy:
1.1 h
Charging time:
1.4 h
Noise level:
62 dB(A)
Motor/blade drive:
Manufacturing country:
Cutting data
Body material:
Blade movement:
Blade type:
Swivelling knives
Cutting adjustment :
Max. cutting height:
60 mm
Min. cutting height:
20 mm
No. of cutting positions:
Cutting width:
18 cm
Robot operation mode:
With perimeter wire
Cutting close to the edge:
Lithium battery:
Wheel Type:
Plastic wheels on ball bearings
LCD display:
Free gifts/extra features
Battery charger:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
51x34.5x25 cm
Net weight:
7.6 Kg
Original packaging
Original packaging/s dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
72x44.5x28 cm
Gross weight (packaging included) :
14.5 Kg
Assembly time:
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Robot Lawn Mower with Perimeter Wire

Saving time usually spent mowing the lawn is now possible thanks to the Wiper POP 3 robot lawn mower with perimeter wire.

All it takes for installation is the laying of the perimeter wire and that of the wire for alignment to the charging base.

Several sensors such as:

  • Curb drop-off sensor (small step)
  • Mowed lawn detection sensor
  • Rain sensor
  • Multi-directional bump cover

Multi-directional bump cover allows the robot to recognize when is next to obstacles or slopes that exceed its capacity and to address it in a different direction in order to avoid tilting or malfunctions; It will move in the same direction even when the slope level changes rapidly ( higher than 36% ). Even the possible presence of trees whose trunks stand out gradually from the ground or similar objects are considered as lawn inclination.

This robot lawn mower model, thanks to the traction on the 2 rear wheels, can manage inclined surfaces up to max 36% slopes without loosing power or tipping over.

The robot is ready to use. Indeed, the machine only recognises and work on grassy surfaces. It autonomously changes the direction, working randomly without following specific guidelines and allows the machine to work on surfaces up to 300 s.q. m.

The Wiper POP 3 operates producing an almost inaudible sound.

The robot is equipped with a highly-sturdy steel floating blade for perfect cutting results and finishing.

This machine is powered by a lithium-ion battery (20 V 2 Ah) and it can cut areas up to 300 s.q. m.


ATTENTION: This model does not include the “My Robot Wiper” APP control.

Operation and Installation

The product is delivered ready to use and you will be able to start it autonomously.

Even the less expert user, who has never had experience with such cutting devices, will be immediately able to start the robot lawn mower according to the detailed instructions described in the manual.

The Operator will just need to place the robotic cutting device on the lawn that needs to be mowed, ensuring that the lawn is delimited by paved surface and / or barriers such as fences, walls, and so on.

This robot lawn mower is ideal for every user.

Also the perimeter wire is very easy to install: you will only need to bury it in order to delimit the desired operating area. (Perimeter wire length 100 m)

This robot lawn mower is ideal for every user.

From now on:

  • You will be fully aware of the product you've purchased, having a thorough knowledge of its specifications and features.
  • You will be able to use your robot lawn mower independently, without the need of constant support from a technician, and ask for assistance even in case of small issues.
  • You will save time and money compared to other standard robot lawn mowers.

Technical Specifications and Controls

Its main peculiarity is the Multi-directional Bump Cover which recognises any kind of obstacle from any direction.

The curb drop-off sensor allows the mower to change direction in the event of sudden presence of unevenness as steps or swimming pools.

Rain sensor

Recharging the battery will be simple and immediate thanks to the charging system.

Main features:

  • Brushless Motor
  • Recommended for garden up to 300 s.q m.
  • It can mow on separated areas (up to 2 areas)
  • Autoprogramming
  • Large wheels with strong grip that prevents damaging the lawn.
  • Front pivoting wheel
  • Curb drop-off sensor
  • Rain sensor
  • Max. slope: 36%
  • Control panel with operating led.
  • Knob for manual cutting height adjustment (20-60 mm)
  • Very compact
  • Speed: 18 m/min
  • 20 V - 2.5 Ah battery
  • Size: 51x34.5x25 cm
  • Weight: 7.6 Kg

Mowing Operations

The robot lawn mower cutting deck is provided with 3 steel blades for mulching cutting system.

  • Mulching system: finely shreds the grass, thus avoiding to collect and dispose of them. Grass decomposes naturally, water and nutritional substances returns to soil for a wonderful, healthy lawn!
  • Max. cutting area: 300 s.q. m.
  • Cutting width 18 cm

Floating cutting system that improves cutting capacity by more than 50% compared to conventional systems.

The motor turns in both directions automatically, doubling the service life of the blades compared to conventional robots.

Focus on the blade

Free items & Standard equipment

COMPLIMENTARY - Black&Decker BEHTS201-QS Electric Hedge Trimmer

Black&Decker BEHTS201-QS electric hedge trimmer is a handy and carefully balanced tool, which provides a comfortable working position.

Black & Decker BEHTS201-QS hedge trimmer offers exceptional performance, ideal for hedges, branches and small bushes.

Maximum comfort and safety thanks to the T handle, for full control while working.

45 cm blade.

The latest-generation double-action blade is 45 cm long, allowing you to cut precisely and effectively.

Safety guard which provides greater visibility and safety while cutting.

It can cut branches with a diameter up to 16 mm and it only weighs 1.9 kg.

Max. power: 420 W

Black&Decker BEHTS201-QS Electric Hedge Trimmer

The Black&Decker BEHTS201-QS electric hedge trimmer is a practical and accurately balanced tool that ensures a comfortable working position.

The Black&Decker BEHTS201-QS hedge trimmer delivers outstanding performance, ideal for small hedges, branches and bushes.

Maximum comfort and safety ensured thanks to the T-handle for maximum control during use.

With 45 cm blade.

The dual-action blade of latest generation is 45 cm long. Precise and effective cutting.

Safety protection that provides greater visibility and safety during cutting.

It can cut branches with a diameter up to 16 mm and it weights only 1.9 kg.

Max. Power 420 Watt.

Free Items Included

The machine is shipped in its original packaging.

  • Charging station
  • Battery charger
  • Perimeter wire 100 m
  • 130 pegs
  • Instructions manual
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