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Wine Filters - Home use and Heavy-duty Models

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Wine Filters

Wine Filters

What differentiates the various types of wine pumps?

The category of sheet filters for wine is very heterogeneous, due to the different requirements beverage purification operations.

The AgriEuro catalogue offers a range of wine pumps able to satisfy both simple household needs - through models that allow the filtration of the most varied food liquids - as well as the professional and industrial needs of cellars or wineries.

The main differentiating factors between wine filters are:
- the number and size of filter sheets mounted by the pumps;
- the construction material of the machine.

What is the best wine filter for your needs?

  • Average sheet filters for wine represent the best choice if you need a simpler, moderately priced tool intended for hobby or even semi-professional use.
    The models of this range included in our catalogue represent the best of Rover products, which are divided respectively into the Rover Colombo and Rover Pulcino series depending on the degree of complexity of the machine.
    The company, a leader in the production of wine pumps, produces PVC plate filters which vary in number and sizes based on the performance of each model. Therefore, the pumps capable of supporting 10 20x10 cm filter sheets will adapt to more limited uses, while the models capable of fit up between 12 and 18 20x20 cm filter sheets will be more suitable for an intensive use.
    Alongside the numerous Rover models, the catalogue also offers one special model from the AgriEuro Super-Pro Line, a machine with high quality standards, featuring frame and electric pump entirely made of steel.
  • Heavy-duty wine filters with support mainly include AgriEuro Super-Pro Line branded heavy-duty models in stainless steel: these products are entirely manufactured in Italy using AISI 304 stainless steel alloy, ideal for food use and highly corrosion resistant.
    Depending on the types of filters they set up, these pumps allow you to carry out roughing, polishing and sterilizing operations not only on wines, but - with the appropriate filter sheets - also oil or other edible beverages. This is why they are mainly recommended for small or medium-sized wine companies or wineries where large amounts of wine are processed.
    All the heavy-duty wine filters offered here, are provided with a support on wheels which facilitates their transport, and can optionally include a bypass valve - useful to prevent the electric pump from operating under stress - and a double filtration kit, in case you want to filter wine with two different types of carton at the same time.
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel wine filters with 40x40 filter sheets are machines designed for industrial use, thanks to a special EBARA electric pump capable of mounting up to 40 filter sheets. The size of these, combined with the high flow rate of the electric pump, allows filtering thousands of liters per hour. Therefore, these tools are placed at the top of the range, suitable for wineries that process huge quantities of wine.

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