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Oil Filters - Hobby-use and Heavy-duty Models

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Oil Filters

Oil Filters

What factors should be considered when choosing an oil filter?

The range of sheet filters for oil in the AgriEuro catalogue includes both hobbyist and more efficient professional models.

Similarly to wine filtration pumps, even those designed for the purification of oils allow any liquid foodstuff to pass through.

The main differences between oil filters are:
- the number and size of filter sheets mounted by the pumps;
- the construction material of the machine.

Which is the most suitable oil filter pump for your needs?

  • Cost-effective models of sheet filters for oil are the best solution if you need a pump for domestic use that can be suitable for both hobby and professional uses, depending on the model.
    The models included in the AgriEuro catalogue represent the best of Rover products, which in turn are divided into the Rover Colombo and Rover Pulcino series based on the increasing degree of refinement of the different machines.
    All models of Rover oil filters with sheets feature an electric pump that uses Novax technology, an exclusive patent of the company specialized in the manufacture of food filters: the body of the pumps is in fact built with a latest generation alloy, being treated with a chemical process that makes it antioxidant. The Rover Colombo 18, designed for more professional and continuous use, instead, comes with a stainless steel frame.
    The Rover oil filters included in this category mount PVC filters and plates, which vary in number and sizes depending on the performance of each model. While the hobby level pumps are able to fit up to 10 filter sheets of 20x10 cm, the most advanced models can mount up to 18 cartons of 20x20 cm, so as to be able to efficiently carry out larger and more frequent filtrations over time.
  • Heavy-duty oil filters are structurally more elaborated machines, equipped with a stainless steel pump and a steel housing.
    Most models available in the AgriEuro range are branded Grifo and are entirely made in Italy. They mount a variable number of plates and 20x20 cm cartons and are suitable for rather high volumes of oil filterings (but also of other liquids for edible use).
    All the heavy-duty oil filters in the catalogue are equipped with a support with wheels which facilitates its movement.

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