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Tank wheelbarrow engine spray pumps with spark ignition engine

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With the tank wheelbarrow engine pumps you will be able to reach any point of the crop. With their tyres they can easily overcome any ground asperity taking advantage of their perfect balance to minimize the lifting and moving effort. Thanks to their powerful engine, the tank wheelbarrow engine pumps have a high spraying capacity. The tank wheelbarrow engine pumps are provided with different cubic capacity engines, Honda branded among them, to guarantee a flow rate up to 40 litres per minute. The tank wheelbarrow engine pumps are perfectly suitable for a professional use. The pump integrated control unit allows a pressure adjustment according to the need. On the professional tank wheelbarrow engine pumps, a pressure gauge allows an actual reading and punctual regulation on need. In addition, the most powerful models have more than one output for the simultaneous accessory linkage to be able to change tool very quickly if necessary. The tank wheelbarrow engine pumps can be used with the standard lever lances, with handgun spray lances for tall trees or high pressure spray lances to take advantage of all their power. They are also provided with overflow hose, that is a hose that brings the not sprayed liquid back to the tank, allowing a continuous mixing of the product.
All you need for Spraying treatments and weeding . A range of over 25 Tank wheelbarrow engine pumps at the best price sale on the online market.
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