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Electric motor pumps for spraying treatments

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The Italian Comet electric motor pumps for spraying treatments are ideal for a small and medium crops employ. The electric motor pumps have increasing power levels, going from 15 bar and 12 litres per minute up to 40 bar and 39 minutes per hour, these last for professional use. The electric power supply is very convenient when a power socket is available in the nearby. The electric motor doesn’t need any service and it is immediately ready for work. The electric motor pump for spraying treatments is connected to the motor’s gear multiplier by means of flanges. Keeping the motor’s revolutions at a low level, the gear multiplier guarantees its length, while the pump works at it the best running speed. The professional level electric motor pumps are equipped with a pressure gauge for the actual pressure reading and a more accurate pressure regulation. Moreover, the most powerful models have different outputs for the simultaneous connection of different accessories for a better versatility of use. The electric motor pumps for spraying treatments can be used with the standard lever lances, tall trees handguns or high pressure lances to take advantage of its full power. They are also provided with an overflow device, that is a joint for the unsprayed liquid to come back to the tank allowing a continuous mixing of the product.
All you need for Spraying treatments and weeding . A range of over 6 Electric motor pumps for spraying treatments at the best price sale on the online market.
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