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Trolley sprayer pumps | manual, battery-powered, electric and 2/4-stroke sprayer pumps

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Trolley Sprayers with Tank

Sprayer pumps on trolley perform the same functions of classic backpack sprayers but featuring a convenient trolley for moving. This allows, especially for the heaviest 2 or 4-stroke sprayer pumps, to easily transport the machine where needed, without fatigue.

Sprayer pumps on trolley are designed for agriculture spraying treatments, such as pesticides, chemical weeding and spreading of liquid fertilisers in solution.
Also recommended for spraying treatments in greenhouses, gardens, flowerbeds and vegetable gardens and indoor and outdoor disinfestation.

Choosing a 2/4-stroke, electric or battery-powered trolley sprayer pump mainly depends on the use.
Of course, 2/4-stroke power supply provides a long running time allowing you to work uninterruptedly even for many hours in a row.
Electric sprayer pumps offer the same performance of 2/4-stroke models, but they are limited by the length of the power cable.
Instead, battery-powered models combine the quietness of electric models with the versatility of engine-powered ones, always considering the charging times.

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