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2/4-Stroke Pruners & Loppers ► On Telescopic Pole, Fixed Pole, Backpack

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2/4-Stroke Pruners

Potatori a Scoppio

The best 2/4-stroke pruners, for professional results

2/4-Stroke pruners are indeed the most powerful tools among chain pruners on the market. The engine offers many advantages, starting from higher torque that, combined to versatility and running time, ensures this product excellent performance. Of course, it is heavier than electric or battery-powered pruners and it also needs more maintenance.

Oil for lubrication is placed in a small tank next to the chain and it guarantees constant lubrication without taking up too much space, so the 2/4-stroke pruner can easily penetrate the foliage.

The wide choice of 2/4-stroke pruners in this category ranges from very powerful models, intended for heavy-duty use, to more affordable products for limited use.
2/4-Stroke pruners are divided in three categories:

The first ones are equipped with telescopic poles thanks to which they can extend up to 4 metres without losing any strength. In fact, internal structure and transmission of motion from the engine to the chain are designed to have maximum efficiency and to minimize vibrations, always maintaining remarkable strength.

The second ones are similar but they are equipped with a fixed pole, so the operator can reach high branches, only without adjusting the cutting height.

Instead, backpack 2/4-stroke pruners are extremely practical. In fact, the weight of the engine does not burden the arm, so you can comfortably use it for long work sessions. The controls integrated in the handle and the backpack engine allow you to comfortably use this pruner in any condition.

All you need for Pruning treatments . A range of over 13 2/4-Stroke Pruners at the best price sale on the online market.
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