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Professional tree loppers on telescopic extension pole

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Professional tree pruners with telescopic poles or extendable tree loppers are perfect for olive trees and fruit trees in general. The tree lopper models in this category are highly professional and they are most likely the best telescopic loppers or telescopic tree pruners on the market.
These extendable tree loppers are unique. These are the only tree pruner models that feature pulleys and strings, as well as steel gear effort reducers (this mechanism is built into the pruning head and it helps reduce operator effort by up to 70%).
Moreover, the double pulley system cuts the remaining effort by a further 50%.
All this allows reducing the side pruning head lever to a minimum. Plus, these tree loppers have the highest pruning diameter you can get - up to 40 mm.
These heavy-duty tree loppers are equipped with telescopic poles. Pole length: from 2 metres to 8 metres. You can now reach 10 metre tall branches with no additional effort. Telescopic tree pruners are fitted with special pruning heads and fluoropolymer-coated blades for reduced friction, rust prevention, more cleanliness, less effort and sharper blades. These tree loppers are also very light so you can use them during long pruning sessions without excessive effort.
All you need for Pruning treatments . A range of over 10 Professional telescopic cord tre loppers at the best price sale on the online market.
Our 2020 AgriEuro catalogue is constantly enriched and updated showing competitive prices from 68,36 € up to 192,56 €
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