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2/4-stroke Engine Post Hole Borers

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2/4-Stroke Engine Post Hole Borers

2/4-Stroke Engine Post Hole Borers

The best 2/4-stroke engine earth augers, for professional use in the agriculture or construction field

2/4-stroke post hole borer are tools suitable for a large variety of operations in both construction and agricultural field.
In agriculture, petrol earth auger are a great and effortless solution to plant fruit trees, make fence bases or bore fence posts, stack concrete poles in the vineyard and for many other applications.

Our catalogue includes different types of 2/4-stroke engine earth augers, from heavy-duty to more user-friendly models, suitable for a limited variety of works.

In order to choose the most suitable tool for your needs, it should be taken into account the frequency of use and the type of soil where you need to use it.

These machines mount a large sturdy cast gearbox with internal gears in high-impact hardened steel lubricated in grease bath. This aspect is very important when purchasing a post hole digger, as the gearbox component is continuously subjected to high stresses and its correct functioning determines the durability and reliability of the entire machine.

What are their components?

Here is a brief guide to the components of the machine:

  • Engine: The main part of the machine, the one able to provide the power required to drill the ground.
    It can be 2 or 4-stroke. In the former case the drill can dig up to 1 m underground, while the latter up to 3 m.
  • Safety System: It consists of 2 levers, one for starting the auger bit rotation and the other to stop it in case of accidental release.
    These levers allow stopping the machine immediately in case of loss of control.
  • Handles: They allow holding the post hole borer firmly in place during use.
  • Auger Bit: They can be fitted with augers bits featuring different diameters, for different digging depths.

How to chose a 2/4-stroke post hole borer?

As for most of these machines, the choice of the model varies according to the personal needs.
Some models feature a low weight and compact size, and consequently require only one operator to use it.
However, the market also offer larger and heavy-dutier models that have to be used by 2 Operators as it is necessary more effort to control them.
It is therefore very important to consider some aspects before purchasing a 2/4-stroke post hole borer, such as the frequency of operations and their power demand.
One must then consider the depth, diameter and number of holes to make on the ground, right down to the type of soil.

Our catalogue includes models from the highest-quality brands on the market such as BlackStone, GeoTech, Honda Engine and Kawasaki Engine.
Furthermore, auger bits diameter can vary from 20 cm to 40 cm.

All you need for Soil tilling and land care . A range of over 11 2/4-stroke Engine Post Hole Borers at the best price sale on the online market.
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