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Electric Pruners 230V

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The electric pole pruners are lightweight and easy products for domestic use. When fixed on an extension pole, the electric chainsaw can reach up to 3m high for some models, thus allowing to cut even high branches.
This kind of electric chainsaws can easily penetrate the fronds as they have a compact engine housed in a protrusion-free casing. The lubricating oil tank of the chainsaw is embedded on the shell itself, in order to freely enter between branches. For the same reason, the cutter bar of the chainsaw has an optimal length for very easy motion into the fronds, which is an outstanding feature of these items.
The electric chainsaws pole can be mounted on:
  • Telescopic poles
  • Fixed poles

Most of them are equipped with a telescopic pole, which can be adjusted for maximum precision and is made of light and resistant aluminium. Only few electric pole chainsaws, e.g. multi-purpose tools, have a fixed pole. Telescopic electric chainsaws are very useful if you have a private garden or a small orchard, as they avoid you the need to use ladders while pruning trees with small section branches.
By connecting the telescopic pole to an electrical socket using an extension cable (we recommend to use heavy-duty cables), the machine is immediately ready to be used. < br>

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