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Heavy-duty Pneumatic Branch Lopper on Extension Pole

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Pneumatic Branch Loppers on Extension Pole

Branch Loppers on Extension Pole

The best pneumatic branch loppers, for the highest-quality performance

Heavy-duty pneumatic branch loppers on extension pole are ideal for training pruning and land clearing.
Mounted on poles of different lengths, these allow you to prune comfortably from the ground also the highest and hardest-to-reach trees.
This type of pruning shears is ideal for professionals. However, please note that you will need an air compressor and fitting hose to delivery compressed air from the air compressor to the pruning shears.

When should it be used for pruning?

Loppers may be less manoeuvrable than standard pruning shears, but on the other hand they feature the great advantage of allowing the Operator to cut larger branches.
In case of manual use, the higher cutting power is due to the use of both arms by the Operator, which also exploits a leverage effect that increases the cutting power.
Also in case of pruning shears on an extension pole the cutting power will be greater, although less precise, as the Operator will have to prune at a height of 2 or 3 m.
Generally, therefore, during pruning, the lopper is used for cutting branches that the pruning shears can’t reach.
More specifically, usually for branches with a diameter of more than 2.5 cm and less than 5 cm.

Why use it?

The lopper is used for standard pruning operations, and is usually used for safety, aesthetics and tree health.
Dry branches, for example, can be prone to falling, with the risk of damaging property and people.
Branches infested with insects then risk compromising the health of the entire tree, causing its death.
And finally, a wee-pruned and cared-for tree gives the garden a better appearance than not pruned plants.

What to consider when purchasing a telescopic lopper:

Here are the main features to consider for purchasing the model that best suits your needs:

  • INTENDED USE: Before purchasing a branch lopper, it is good to consider what operations you need it for.
    These in fact can be used not only for pruning operations, but also for cutting and trimming.
  • BLADE TYPE: The blade is the most important part of the loppers, which is why its type is crucial to the purchase.
    The most important features to evaluate are its composition, for optimal sturdiness, and that it is coated with a low-friction material.
  • HANDLE: Loppers must be comfortable and easy to grip. This is why choosing the right handle is essential.
  • CUTTING: This aspect also varies according to the cutting needs.
    Generally, it varies from 4 cm up to even 10 cm diameters.

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