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Outdoor or built-in ovens for pizza and kitchen with cooking chamber depth of 63 cm

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Outdoor ovens

Outdoor pizza and kitchen ovens

Among the best ideas for embellishing your garden and adding a cosy, modern look are certainly outdoor ovens.
Outdoor ovens allow you to cook in the open air in a practical way and in the comfort of your own garden or open space, saving you the trip back and forth between the kitchen and the garden when you are hosting dinners with friends and family.

The outdoor ovens in our catalogue and their characteristics:

Within our catalogue there are a large number of outdoor oven models:

Each oven type works differently, but all of them are characterised by the presence of two components:

  • The wood storage compartment, or the lower part of the oven, where wood and cooking tools can be placed.
  • The top compartment, which includes the chimney and the roof.

Another important feature found in most outdoor ovens is the door made of steel, often equipped with a small peephole to check the oven chamber and the cooking status of food.

The aesthetic factor:

Not to be underestimated is the aesthetic design of the oven as it can add a certain visual impact to the outlook of your garden and the entire green space around your home.
Shapes can vary from rectangular to rounded to square. Some square-shaped models are built with an added roof at the top to resemble the aspect of a small house, these types are very popular in the United States where they are called "pizza huts ".
The installation of wooden tables or shelves can also serve a dual function, as they both enhance the oven overall look and provide a convenient shelf for cooking tool, dishes and cookware.

How to clean outdoor ovens:

Their maintenance and cleaning are very similar to those carried out on a classic outdoor fireplace: in this case too, ash production is the main cause of dirt and wear. It is best to remove it as soon as possible, ideally after each use, so as to remove any build-up residue from the cooking process. An important precaution is to wipe the hob with a damp cloth when food is to be placed directly on the stone baking board, as is the case with bread and pizza.

How to make the most of outdoor pizza ovens?

The use of these ovens sets no limits on the number of culinary preparations to be made, furthermore, the spread of unpleasant smells within the home is significantly reduced. Outdoor pizza ovens allow to perform a sheer variety of food preparations and dishes to try one's hand at: from cakes, bread, pizza and flatbread to also meat steaks and fish fillets. There are also many models on the market designed with a special setup to combine many different attachments to be able to carry out simultaneous cooking of several foods.
Whether it is sunny outside, and during the warm season in particular, any time is the perfect occasion to fire up your outdoor oven and start cooking.

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