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Pruning Shears on Extension Pole

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Pruning Shears on Extension Pole

Pruning Shears for Extension Pole

For which uses are Pruning Shears on pole recommended?

The use of the Pruning Shears on a pole is especially recommended for hobby use in gardening or fruit/flower picking.
The 'Cut and Hold' function on many pruning shears in this category allows the newly pruned branch to be held without falling off.
Its lightness and ease of use make it an essential tool for anyone who needs to take care of their garden, for small trimmings or for occasional fruit and flower picking.

The 'Cut and Hold' function

One of the most useful and sought-after functions for pruning shears.
This specific feature allows you to prune and at the same time hold branches or cut flowers with thorns and debris in total safety and comfort.
It is really essential for pruning operations where there is the risk of small sharp branches or flower stalks full of thorns falling on the operator and injure him.

When would be better to prune?

The best time to prune plants is during the “vegetative rest” phase, usually in October and November.
Pruning at this time also coincides with the fall of the leaves, which further allows you to see the exact shape of the plant and to decide how to regrow it.
Apart from autumn, there may be other suitable periods for pruning, here are some:

  • In spring, to prune young, vigorous plants;
  • In summer, after flowering before the plant gets too big;
  • In winter, to prune old and weak plants.

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