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Pruning Shears and Lopping Shears on Extension Pole

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Pruning Shears and Lopping Shears on Extension Pole

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Pruning shears or lopping shears: what is the difference?

Lopping shears are regular manual shears equipped with extension pole, fixed or telescopic, which allows you to also reach great heights. The cutting unit is operated through a rope which, thanks to special pulley reducers, makes pruning from the ground easier (not too thick branches).

Pruning shears are two-handed shears with long levers. Also known as branch loppers, they allow you to cut also thick branches but not to reach considerable heights.

Telescopic or fixed lopping shears?

Fixed configuration is undoubtedly more sturdy, less likely to break and more affordable. A one-piece pole, perhaps with a simple fixed extension at the end, allows for fewer moving parts and sections of the same diameter. 

Telescopic configuration is the most versatile. Thanks to poles of over 4 metres, lopping shears on telescopic pole allow you to prune from the ground up to 6 metres in height.

Telescopic lopping shears

The telescopic lopping shears have become one of the best pruning tools, thanks to its convenience and practicality.
Its main function, the one that makes it so popular in the pruning field, is the extension pole, which is essential for reaching taller plants and more awkward branches.
The heavy-duty telescopic lopping shears can range from 2 to 6 metres in height and are ideal for cutting small branches, terrace plants and small country shrubs.

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