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Heavy-duty tree loppers on telescopic extension pole

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Heavy-duty Telescopic Cord Lopping Shears

Svettatoi Telescopici Professionali a Corda

When are telescopic cord lopping shears useful?

Heavy-duty telescopic cord lopping shears are suitable for pruning not only olive groves but also any fruit tree.
AgriEuro models in this category feature an extremely professional structure, probably the best you can find on the market.
These telescopic branch loppers are the only ones among classic pulley lopping shears with cord which feature a steel gear effort reducer integrated in the product head, which reduces the effort enormously compared to normal lopper shears.

In addition, the tested double pulley system reduces residual effort by a further 50%.
All this minimises the size of the lateral operating lever at the top of the tool, but most importantly gives it the widest cutting diameter of its category, up to 40 mm, which the operator can obtain without too much effort.

These heavy-duty lopping shears are mounted on telescopic poles ranging from 2 metres up to 8 metres, allowing the operator to reach maximum cutting heights of 10 metres, without extra effort required.
These tools have a cutting head consisting of a blade coated in non-stick fluoropolymers, reducing friction, avoiding rust, dirt accumulation and effort and keeping it sharp for longer. They are also very powerful; you can use them for long work sessions without fatigue.

All you need for Pruning treatments . A range of over 10 Heavy-duty Telescopic Cord Lopping Shears at the best price sale on the online market.
Our 2021 AgriEuro catalogue is constantly enriched and updated showing competitive prices from € 44.07 up to € 216.88
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