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Irrigation tractor pumps with brass fittings

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PTO Water Pumps for Irrigation

PTO Water Pumps for Irrigation

The best tractor-mounted water pumps in sturdy cast iron, completely self-priming

These self-priming tractor-mounted pumps are designed for those who need to mount the pump directly on the tractor via power take-off, without using electric or petrol pumps.

These tools are particularly popular since they are easy to mount and for their high performance in terms of head lift and pressure. Moreover, their simple structure and materials used, mostly moulded cast-iron, make them very sturdy and reliable.

PTO water pumps are also self-priming, that is they do not need the pump body to be filled, as they can start completely dry.

PTO Water Pumps main features:

These self-priming pumps are almost unbreakable, long lasting and powerful, featuring easy and effective technology.
They are equipped with a motor, as they harness the power of the tractor by connecting directly to its PTO without using a cardan shaft.
They are suitable for high-pressure washing operations, for the transfer of non-corrosive liquids and for irrigation with or without sprinklers even on steeply sloping terrain.

How does a self-priming pump work?

Self-priming means the capability of a pump to draw the air into the suction line.
Here is the explanation of the process in a few steps:

  • First of all, always fill the pump body with water at first starting.
  • Then, after priming, the impeller of the pump generates a turbulence that creates a depression, which leads to drawing the air into the suction line.
  • After mixing with the liquid, the air separates from it and escapes through the delivery hose.
  • Once removed all the air, the pump starts to run.

What are the advantages?

Compared to a standard centrifugal pump, this type of pump is provided with several advantages:

  • A greater ease and convenience of use.
  • A higher suction height, which is the distance between the water surface and the suction inlet.

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