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Stretcher Grape Crushers ► Manual & Electric Crushers

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Stretcher Grape Crushers

Pigiatrici a Barella

The essential need for a stretcher grape crusher to produce excellent wine

Crushing is the basic operation undergone by the grapes after harvesting, its function is to partially crush the grapes, simplifying the future release of the must.

This is a particularly delicate operation on which the quality of the final product depends, and is therefore carried out using a special crusher, which is mostly used with strecher: this is a machine consisting of a frame with one or two pairs of rollers at the bottom. These rollers press the grapes inserted in the upper hopper.

Our catalogue features some models of stretcher grape crushers manual or electric, equipped with self-adjusting rollers and agitator. The various models feature different sizes of the hopper and rollers, they are therefore classified as small crushers and large crushers, but they can also differ for construction materials.

While manual stretcher grape crushers is mainly designed for small quantities of grapes, electric stretcher grape crushers has a much higher hourly output and - especially in the larger models - is suitable for intensive, although non-professional, use.
The special support used to fix the rollers allows both adjusting the crushing and preserving their integrity from the possible passage of solid material.
This machine is really easy to use: simply place it on top of a vat, insert the grapes in the upper hopper and activate - manually or otherwise - the handwheel of the crushing rollers.

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