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Grape Destemmers with Pump ► with Centrifugal Pump & Rollers

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Grape Destemmers with Pump

Diraspatrici con Pompa

The professionality of a grape destemmer with pump for intensive use

Crushing is fundamental in wine production. Even if grape crushing is partial, the quality of the wine depends on this operation.

Normal crushing machines work on stalk-free grapes, the market now offers extremely efficient and user-friendly machines such as destemmers with pump: these machines partially crush the grapes, then remove the stalks through a rotor. The pump mounted inside the destemmer channels the crushed grapes and throws them out of the machine through a nozzle to which a tube is attached.

It is therefore sufficient to insert the fruit to be pressed into the hopper on the upper side, start the machine and keep containers available to receive the material obtained, ready to be processed in the presses.

The advantage of this version compared to standard destemmers without pump is that you can work in complete autonomy, without putting the destemmer over a vat.
The stainless steel grid and the steel centrifugal pump are mounted as standard on all models.

AgriEuro includes pump, centrifugal motion and roller machines. The advantage of the latter version over centrifugal destemmers is that it allows further processing of the grapes, thanks to the action of the rollers, which maintain a constant distance between them during rotation. These accessories allow the grapes to be crushed evenly, leaving the stalks and seeds intact.
In addition, the rollers are made of food-grade rubber and not plastic or aluminium, whose rigidity tends to break the grapes more, with the risk to obtain a more acid wine. These features make the destemmers with pump and rollers heavy-duty machines, suitable for frequent and prolonged use over time.

All you need for Wine making, filtering and transferring . A range of over 12 Grape Destemmers with Pump at the best price sale on the online market.
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