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AgriEuro 40x40 Filter Sheets

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AgriEuro 40x40 cm Heavy-duty Filter Sheets

AgriEuro 40x40 cm heavy-duty filter sheets are mounted by industrial performance wine or oil pumps, designed for primarily business purposes. In fact, these filter sheets are twice the size of those made for hobbyist filtration pumps for home use, as they are designed to refine thousands of litres of liquid per hour.

The numerical code assigned to each type of filter sheets makes it possible to recognize the different varieties, based on the weight and the filtering depth. While there is only one degree of filtration for oil - carried out using Type 00 filter sheets - there are different filtration refinement scales for wine and other edible beverages, depending on the desired degree of clarity.

In general:

  • Type 0 and 4 filter sheets are suitable for filtering wine after fermentation. They retain only larger particles, so they are not suitable for producing a good finish to the wine.
  • Type 8, 12, 14, 16 or 18 filter sheets are used to retain smaller particles and give a good gloss to the wine after racking. They are therefore suitable for a second filtration, in order to obtain a wine with a good finish.
  • Type 20 or 24 filter sheets remove micro-impurities in suspension, and are used only after the wine has been filtered with Type 8, 12, 14, 16 or 18 filter sheets.

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