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Battery-powered pump modules - Electric battery-powered pump modules

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Battery-powered Pump Modules

In this category, Agrieuro offers several models of battery-powered modules. The battery (optional or included, depending on the product) must be assembled in the following way:

  • remove the protective cover by unscrewing the screws holding it in place;
  • insert the battery inside the CSM module locking it by the support bracket. For smaller batteries, also use the reduction bracket;
  • Connect the cables to the battery (proceed in the following order, respecting the polarities):
  • screw the red cable lug onto the positive (+) pole of the battery;
  • screw the black cable lug onto the negative (-) pole of the battery;
  • put the protective cover back.
Charging must be carried out with the cables inside the CBM module connected to the battery and with the switch in the OFF position. Recharge the battery using the battery charger and connection cables provided:
  • connect the power cable to the electrical grid and to the battery charger
  • insert the plug of the charging cable into the socket on the CBM module
Recharge according to the instructions on the battery charger manual inside the packaging. For hydraulic suction and discharge connections, please check the chart in the instruction manual, where you can find a generic scheme of a possible machine incorporating the motor pump.
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