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2/4-Stroke Sprayer Pumps - 2/4-Stroke sprayer pumps for spraying

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2/4-Stroke Sprayer Pumps

2/4-stroke sprayer pump models by AgriEuro are equipped with both 4-stroke petrol engine and 2-stroke engines. Of different sizes and powers, you can find them in this category, divided by manufacturer:

  • Comet 2/4-stroke sprayer pumps: sprayer pumps entirely made in Italy, suitable for both small and medium crops thanks to the engine power, providing high spraying capacity. Di potenze crescenti in termini di pressione e portata, AgriEuro offers 2/4-stroke Comet sprayer pumps up to 50 bar and 68 L per minute for larger models intended for heavy-duty use.
  • GeoTech 2/4-stroke sprayer pumps: AgriEuro offers 2 types of GeoTech sprayer pumps, one 38 cc 4-stroke and one 26 cc 2-stroke. Designed for small crops and limited use, these sprayer pumps are very compact and easy to transport.

2/4-stroke power supply of these machines guarantees free movements inside your crops without the limits of battery-powered products. The control unit is integrated in the pump and allows adjusting pressure according to your needs. Heavy-duty 2/4-stroke sprayer pumps feature a pressure gauge to check the pressure for more precise adjustment. Also, the most powerful models have many outlets to connect more accessories at the same time to quickly change equipment when needed. 2/4-stroke sprayer pumps can be used with standard lever lances, guns for tall trees or mitra lances to obtain full power. Moreover, they are equipped with overrunning, a fitting that allows you to reuse the non-sprayed liquid and puts it back in the tank, constantly mixing it.
All you need for Spraying treatments and weeding . A range of over 18 2/4-Stroke Sprayer Pumps at the best price sale on the online market.
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