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Heavy-duty electric grain mills with cereal hopper

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Heavy-duty electric grain mills with cereal hopper

Mulino Elettrico Professionale con Vasca

A range of high-quality electric grain mills, suitable for medium farms

Electric mills with front steel hopper are ideal for those who own small and medium farms. These electric mills for cereals in fact, designed for sack collection, allow grain grinding on a more continuous basis, so that the full sack can be replaced with a new one for storage and use when needed.

These machines are built to obtain a very high yield in grinding any cereal: maize, hard wheat, sft wheat, barley, oats, rice or rye. Moreover, you can also use them to grind any forage product: green grain, dry grain, cob, hay or straw. The models available in our catalogue vary in performance and voltage.

The most performing grain mills mount a three-phase motor, up to 4 HP. With this motor, the heavy-duty grain mill can withstand even the heaviest and most demanding work, thanks to a device that stops the motor in case of overheating to prevent damage.

The grinding system of the motor grain mills for cereals you can find in this section is heavy-duty, equipped with both fixed blades and rotating hammers. Thanks to their extraordinary grinding capacity, together with the finest sieves, these mills can also produce fine flours, suitable for pigs. In fact, the sieves can be replaced with others in order to obtain different grain types..
The hopper with special regulator allow to adjust hourly production, that can reach 500 kg/h according to the sieve mounted and the processed cereal.

All you need for Animal Husbandry . A range of over 3 Heavy-duty electric grain mills with cereal hopper at the best price sale on the online market.
Our 2024 AgriEuro catalogue is constantly enriched and updated showing competitive prices from € 816.99 up to € 1,054.46