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BullMach Demetra 180 SH - Tractor-mounted flail mower - Heavy series - Hydraulic shift

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ID: 110883

EAN: 8053435091862

MPN: 180 SH

BullMach Demetra 180 SH - Tractor-mounted flail mower - Heavy series - Hydraulic shift
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Tractor power
From 60 to 90 HP
468 Kg
Cutting width
180 cm
Standard cutting tools
Toothed hammer flails
Rear brush rakes (collection rods)
Opening rear flap
Hammer flail weight
1.6 Kg
Cardan shaft
Double spiral rotor
Product Features
Tractor power:
From 60 to 90 HP
Hydraulic shift:
Hydraulic shift:
Double spiral rotor:
Max. length (hole centre distance):
640 mm
3-point hitch category:
First and Second
Cardan shaft rotation:
Manufacturing country:
Cutting data
Cutting width:
180 cm
No. of blades:
Standard cutting tools:
Toothed hammer flails
Hammer flail weight:
1.6 Kg
Toothed hammer flails:
Blades bolt diameter:
25 mm
Cutting width:
180 cm
Side drive belts:
Hydraulic Piston for moving:
Opening rear flap:
Rear brush rakes (collection rods):
Rear support roller:
Free gifts/extra features
Side skids:
Cardan included:
Cardan shaft:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
205X120X88 cm
Net weight:
468 Kg
On pallet
Original packaging/s dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
205x95x79 cm
Gross weight (packaging included) :
497 Kg
Unloading with hydraulic tail lift:
Assembly time:
30 minutes
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€ 2.941,48
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BullMach DEMETRA 180 SH Flail Mower

The BullMach SH-series demetra 180 heavy-duty tractor-mounted flail mower with hydraulic shift is a machine employed for shredding and cutting plant material such as trees, shrubs, stumps and other large plants. This type of flail mower has been designed to work on rough or hard-to-reach terrain, thanks to its ability to move hydraulically.

Thanks to its power and versatility, the SH demetra 180 flail mower with hydraulic shift can tackle demanding jobs and make cutting and shredding operations more efficiently.

Heavy-weight series flail mower, suitable for hobby use.

It is equipped with hydraulic shift, 4 drive belts, rear crampons and rear roller.

TECHNICAL DATA (brief view):

  • Real working width: 180 cm
  • Total width: 210 cm
  • 1° and 2° category 3-point hitch;
  • 4-belt drive transmission
  • Gearbox: CMR Made in Italy
  • Weight: 468 kg


  • Rear supporting roller
  • PTO
  • 11 rear crampons

Warning: the machine is shipped ready for use with oils at level. Once mounted all the parts check the bolts tightening.
Please carefully read the instructions manual before starting the unit.

Hammer flail cutting system

No. of standard-supplied toothed hammer flails: 16

Weight of a single toothed hammer flail: 1600 g

These hammers are mounted on a sturdy 25 mm diameter hardened steel bolt. (15mm length)

Focus on the toothed hammer flails, mounted on the rotating roller.

It finely shreds grass and twigs, while simultaneously rolling the turf. Thanks to the high number of rotor revolutions and the number of hammers (hammer flails), it allows reducing the wave impact of the grass cover and performing excellent shredding operations.

There are 11 height-adjustable crampons mounted on a tubular tube which allow to lift the sarments planted on the ground so that the toothed hammer flails can intercept them.

The rotating roller on which the hammers are mounted has a diameter of 140mm.

Figurative image of the double-spiral rotor.

Hydraulic side shift and Tractor 3-point hitch

The flail mower is equipped with hydraulic shift.

The three-point hitch slides from right to left with a hydraulic piston that is mounted in place of the bar for manual movement.

Focus on the piston that controls the hydraulic shift (50 cm) of this flail mower.

Universal standard PTO ( 1 3/8" Z6 )

The attachments are of a universal type and adaptable to all tractors on the market; the attachments located on the base have two placement points, allowing two different heights from the ground: 36 - 32 cm

Focus on the sturdy 1° and 2° category 3-point hitch.

The coupling slides on two sturdy tubes with a diameter of 50 mm

Lubricator of the hydraulic 3-point linkage slide.

Wheelbase size: 64 cm

pins located at the bottom dimensions: 22/28 mm

pins located at the top dimensions: 19/25 mm

Maximum opening right side, maximum opening left side.

Side belt transmission and geared reducer

The CMR gearbox (made in Italy) is an essential component that transmits power from the tractor engine to the cutting unit of the flail mower itself. It is responsible for adjusting the speed and torque that are transmitted to the cutting unit.

Gearbox in oil bath.. The housing is made of cast iron, while the internal gears are made of hardened steel.

This machine is equipped with a freewheel device (or additional joint) built in the gearbox; this ensures a long service life of all the moving parts of the machine, preventing the kickback that would be caused by changing from 540 rpm to 0 rpm and allowing the rotor to turn freely until it stops.

4-belt side transmission (most tractor-mounted flail mowers in this weight category are equipped with standard 3-belt transmission)

Focus on the side belt protection guard.

There are 4 slots which allow optimum operation of the belts in parallel.

Focus on the side grease nipple on the transmission side, located at the rear of the machine, which allows optimum greasing action.


The gearbox of this machine can contain no more than 1.2L of lubricating oil.

Please carefully read the instructions manual before starting the unit.

Standard 1 3/8” z6 PTO (suitable for all current and recently manufactured tractors): whether you own a particularly old tractor, make sure that it s equipped with the same PTO and with standard clockwise rotation (right-side).

Series of rear brush rakes - collecting rods

The rear collecting poles (crampons) series are particularly suitable for shredding prunings or any other crop residue. A very important tool, considering the fact that there isn't a single flail mower on the market really capable of effectively grinding prunings without leaving medium to large fragments.

The crampons perform a real 'raking' action, extracting from the ground and lifting even those residues buried by the wheels, dragging them along. In this way, no branch or remnant will be able to escape this system. Each hammer moves at a very close distance to a single crampon. So it will pick up the branch lifted by the crampons and take it to the grindstone.

It is then passed, as explained above, through the rows of counterblades, resulting in a completely shredded product. At the end of the work, it will be very difficult to find any pruning residue still intact throughout the area subjected to the work of this flail mower!

ASSEMBLY: the crampons should be set at a height that allows them to work close to the ground, placed in a “free” position. In fact, they must be able to swing vertically, thus adapting to any roughness and unevenness of the ground, thanks to their accentuated inclination towards the rear side.

A distinctive feature of this flail mower is its rear opening.

Not only does it allow the rear exhaust space to be adjusted by means of simple screws, but it also simplifies maintenance by allowing operations in specific areas of the machine.

Rotor and side bearings

Focus on the side supporting device with hammer rotor internal locking bearing.

Focus on the external rotor, with central opening provided with greaser.

The rotor with hammers features a 140 mm diameter.

Rotor grease cover.

Generously large rear roller bearing with 4 fixing points.

The hammers ensures high-quality results in gardens, lawns and urban areas. The flail mower is connected to the 3-point hitch on the rear part of the tractor.

Universal standard PTO ( 1 3/8" Z6 )

Focus on the sturdy 3-point hitch

Supporting attachments - Rear roller and side skids

Height-adjustable rear supporting roller with a 150mm diameter provided on standard equipment.

Focus on the roller fixing bearing.

Focus on the roller grease gun, with holes for height adjustment. It is height-adjustable in 3 different positions.

Standard side support skids, also adjustable in two different positions.

Sturdy set of front protection slaps made of shaped steel.

Focus on the height-adjustable crampons.

Support roller protection bar.

Free items & Standard equipment

Free items included

The flail mower is shipped partially assembled on pallet (you’ll only have to assemble the 3-point hitch and a few other small components)

Cardan shaft included in the package.

Cardan shaft category 05B.

Cardan shaft length 100 cm.

Instructions and assembly manual included in the package.

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