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Tractor flail mowers - heavy series - hydraulic shift

Tractor Flail Mowers with Hydraulic Shift Medium Series

The outstanding practicality of the hydraulic shift system in a heavy tractor flail mower

Heavy series tractor flail mowers are tools equipped with hydraulic shift system, representing the highest end of our tractor shredders range. These are in fact the most robust models in the catalogue, thanks to the presence of the double skin frame that can withstand the harshest working conditions and the most continuous use, making the machine even capable of crushing stones.

These tools prove excellent at shredding grass at any height, thanks to the double set of special counter-knives placed in the underbody which intersect very closely with the teeth of the rotating hammers during use. Thanks to these special toothed hammers with a mass of 2.2 kg, the stalk crusher can also shred wood and undergrowth of large diameters on a continuous basis.

Heavy series mulchers come with standard rear clamps (or collection rods) that perform the function of a rack by retaining all the vine shoots or residues not ground from the stalk chopper, so that the rotating hammers (which are close to these clamps) can recover and reintroduce them in the grinding cycle, so that there is no final residue of material not shredded by the machine.

This range of heavy series flail mowers features the hydraulic shift, which turns out to be very useful when it’s necessary to move the machine out of the tractor’s tracks to better approach trees, fences, embankments, etc. This system makes it possible to adjust the distance between the agricultural vehicle and the rear shredder without having to get off the tractor, which greatly speeds up working time.

All you need for Mowing of tall or spontaneous grass – Tractor-mounted agricultural machines . A range of over 31 With Hydraulic Shift- HEAVY at the best price sale on the online market.
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