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Multifunctional Battery-powered Pruners

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Multifunctional Battery-powered Pruners

The main feature of these multi tool battery-powered pruners is their multifunctionality. Their equipment includes several, accessories, among which:
  • Brush cutter accessory: your battery-powered pruner or hedge trimmer becomes a brush cutter.
  • Chain pruner accessory: your hedge trimmer or brush cutter becomes a pruner on fixed pole.
  • Hedge trimmer accessory: your battery-powered pruner becomes a convenient hedge trimmer.
  • Pole accessory: generally used to increase the working height of the pruner and hedge trimmer.

The pole of the battery-powered pruner is not available on all multi tool models. With a single machine, the amateur user can perform all desired operations, from lawn cutting and branch pruning to hedge trimming. These models are all very useful for their extreme versatility.

These tools are mainly sold with small amperage batteries, lightweight but powerful enough to make pruning and trimming operations easier.
Multi tool electric pruners which AgriEuro offers in this section are mainly suitable for amateur users.

All you need for Pruning treatments . A range of over 13 Multifunctional Battery-powered Pruners at the best price sale on the online market.
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