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Medium 2/4-Stroke Brush Cutters ► 2-Stroke Engine ► 31-40 cc Displacements

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Medium 2/4-Stroke Brush Cutters 31 - 40 cc

Medium 2/4-stroke brush cutters in this category are suitable for private users who seek lightness and ease of use.
Medium models are the most popular, because the features of these brushcutters are appreciated by users who have little work to do but choose a machine that can cope with the heaviest and most intensive work. All 2/4-stroke brush cutters feature standard 2-stroke engines, which have simple construction, good torque and good power with a weight that is generally quite low compared to the more technological 4-stroke petrol engines.
Power and functionality, handling and low weight make these brush cutters popular among both professionals and amateurs.

In this category you can find different prices. High-end products, such as Kawasaki, BlueBird, HiKOKI among te most prestigious brands, with features, structure (excellent engines, robust and durable transmission shaft thanks to its 27mm diameter) and products of good quality and performance by other well-known brands with more affordable prices.

Here you can find a QUICK GUIDE to the FILTERS place in the column below to help you select, in a few simple steps, the best small brush cutter for you. The first two filters, BRAND and PRICE, are up to you, so let's concentrate on the more technical ones (remember that you can choose multiple options on each one of them).
  • The first thing you need to consider is the PRODUCT LEVEL: consider the intensity and frequency with which you are going to use the brush cutter and select a sufficiently high level;
  • TYPE: the single-handle type is the most popular since it can work in all conditions: on flat, sloping or even vertical surfaces; the handlebar is suitable for long work sessions, as it is less tiring for the back, which remains straighter;
  • SHAFT DIAMETER: this is the main indicator of the brush cutter solidity, besides the engine, that is the transmission shaft, which is often underestimated compared to the engine. On the contrary, this is the real weakness of the brush cutter, the first one to break; but before considering the diameter, you have to consider the shaft origin, because even today the Italian, German and Japanese shafts are the most robust and durable, while the Chinese ones are usually a bit more fragile, that is why you should always pay attention to the product description; most brush cutters in this category mount a 26 mm shaft, and are therefore considered to be of medium strength; the filter also allows you to select models with a 27 mm shaft diameter, which are much more robust and ideal for heavy-duty work;
  • NET WEIGHT: it depends on the displacement and size of the brush cutter, so if you want a lightweight brushcutter, the displacement will be low, whereas if you need power, the machine will necessarily be heavier; in the medium category, the weight will vary between 6 and 8 kg.

All you need for Mowing of tall or spontaneous grass . A range of over 18 Medium Brush Cutters 31 - 40 cc at the best price sale on the online market.
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