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2/4-Stroke Brush Cutter ► 2 or 4-stroke ► 30-60 cc Displacement

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2/4-Stroke Brush Cutters

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2/4-stroke brush cutters: explore our offer

On our website you can find the widest range of 2/4-stroke brush cutters on the market, at all prices and all quality and power levels.
We suggest you to carefully read our useful selection guide to choose the best brush cutter for you.

But first, you need some basic information.

First of all we distinguish between brush cutters considered high-end by the market, such as KawasakiHonda and HiKOKI brush cutters, made in Japan, or Blue Bird tools, made in Italy. These are all heavy-duty machines, for their exceptional power combined with the robustness and reliability of the components; except the Honda brush cutter, equipped with 4-stroke engine, which compared to the others, equipped with a classic 2-stroke engine, has less power and torque, but its ease of use is unparalleled both for low consumption and emissions: common elements to all 4-stroke brush cutters in this category.

All the other brush cutters of this category are assembled in China, always featuring good quality, and they are produced by renowned brands such as CastorMcCulloch, etc, which also offer a good assistance service all over the country.

Filter our 2/4-stroke brush cutter offer and find the right one for you

  • The first thing you need to consider is the PRODUCT LEVEL: select a level high enough to satisfy the intensity and frequency with which you will use your brush cutter;
  • TYPE: the single-handle type is undoubtedly the most popular because it is the most versatile to work in any condition, on level, sloping or even vertical ground; instead, the handlebar is suitable for long work sessions since the back of the operator remains straighter, avoiding fatigue; the backpack version is a niche product for those who prefer to carry the engine weight on their shoulders instead of the arms, although the brush cutter weighs more; the multifunctional brush cutters are unique products, designed for those seeking a machine with many accessories, to prune or cut high hedges;
  • DISPLACEMENT: the brush cutter size, which should be chosen based on the intensity and difficulty of the cut. Tools for finishings along walls and driveways are up to 25 – 30 cc, while medium-sized classic brush cutters reach up to 35 – 40 cc. This is the top-selling category, suitable for small jobs but powerful enough for occasional more demanding jobs; 45 – 50 cc, is suitable for the heaviest and most demanding jobs, it ensures high performance and even more the models over 50 cc;
  • MOTOR TYPE: usually, electric motors are chosen for less demanding jobs and if there is a power socket available nearby; even the battery-powered ones are suitable for limited jobs (except 60V or 80V high-voltage models with higher power and running time that, as electric 220V models, give you the possibility to work anywhere); in addition, engine-powered machines, robust and with higher power depending on the displacement, divided in 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines;
  • NOMINAL POWER: it basically depends on the displacement, so we will just say that it is considered low up to 1 HP, medium up to 1.5 HP, high up to 2 HP, very high over 2HP;
  • SHAFT DIAMETER: this is the main indicator of the brush cutter strength, besides the motor: the transmission shaft, which is often underestimated compared to the motor. On the contrary, this is the real weakness of the brush cutter, the first one to break; but before considering the diameter, you have to consider the shaft origin, because even today the Italian, German and Japanese shafts are the most robust and durable, while the Chinese ones are usually a bit more fragile, that is why you should always pay attention to the product description; besides that, a 26 mm diameter is considered of medium robustness;
  • NET WEIGHT: it depends on the displacement and size of the brush cutter, that is why if you need a light tool you will choose a small displacement, while if you need power, the machine will necessarily be heavier; up to 6 kg the brush cutter is lightweight and handy for everyone, medium weight up to 7 kg, medium-high up to 8 kg (but you can also find large and powerful 50 cc machines in this category, such as Kawasaki ones), over 8 kg the products are considered heavy but generally they are backpack machines.

For an easier selection, we divided this category in sub-categories thanks to which you will choose the perfect brush cutter for you even faster:

  • Small 2/4-stroke brush cutters 21-30 cc: the lightweight brush cutters in this category are designed for private users who seek lightness and ease of use. Suitable for care and maintenance of small gardens,  small finishes along driveways, walls, sidewalks, around trees and bushes.
  • Medium 2/4-stroke brush cutters 31-40 cc: suitable for universal use and for private users who seek lightness and ease of use. This medium-sized products are our top-sellers, because their features are appreciated by users who, although having a small amount of work, choose a machine that could perform even the most difficult and demanding jobs.
  • Large 2/4-stroke brush cutters 41-50 cc: the large 2/4-stroke brush cutters in this category are machines designed for professionals but also for the most demanding private users who seek a powerful and performing product.
    Featuring a medium-large displacement (and at the same time a greater weight compared to smaller brush cutters), they are suitable for heavy and demanding jobs, which can be, besides cutting very tall or thick grass, felling operationsbushbramble and broom cutting. Moreover, they are suitable for grass cutting on large-medium plots, or more simply to finish a small job faster.
  • Heavy-duty 2/4-stroke brush cutters 51-60 cc: 2/4-stroke brush cutters in this category are machines for professionals or the most demanding private users who seek a gardening tool which is TOP range for power and performance.
    The following machines combine great power to high efficiency and reliability, always maintaining the versatility of a product designed to prevent fatigue also thanks to its weight balance and, in leading models, a highly effective anti-vibration system that allows for long work sessions. Perfect for heavy-duty or domestic use, it satisfies the needs of professionals for a heavy-duty brush cutter suitable for heavy and prolonged work, such as grass, shrub, brushwood and undergrowth cutting.
  • 4-stroke 25-50 cc brush cutters: 4-stroke brush cutters in this category are machines designed for professionals or most demanding users who seek a product for the care of green spaces that offers maximum freedom of movement, great power and professionality.
    The following machines combine great power to high efficiency and reliability, also, 4-stroke engines avoid you to mix oil and petrol: just top up the fuel to use the brush cutter without interruptions.
    Petrol brush cutters allow you to work even on large plots, reaching spots that a lawn mower cannot reach: large jobs of grass cutting on sloping or uncomfortable ground, brushwood, shrub (with the appropriate tool) and undergrowth cutting or simply for finishes on corners, around trees or walls etc...
  • Backpack brush cutters 30-60 cc: the brush cutters in this category are machines designed for professionals or most demanding users who seek a product for the care of green spaces, TOP range for comfort of use, power, performance. Perfect to work on steep slopes, slopes with dense vegetation, orchards and vineyards.
    The following machines are ideal tools for prolonged work, since the backpack balances the weight of the machine (approx. 60/80% of the total weight of the brush cutter depending on the models) on both shoulders, ensuring correct movements and avoiding back fatigue even after a continuous and prolonged use. In fact, thanks to the flexible connection between motor and shaft, backpack brush cutters allow to work easily even on sloping ground.

All you need for Mowing of tall or spontaneous grass . A range of over 120 2/4-Stroke Brush Cutters at the best price sale on the online market.
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