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Small Two-Wheel Tractors - Light Series | Petrol

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Small Two-Wheel Tractors - Light Series

Motocoltivatore Leggero

When to choose a light series two-wheel tractor?

Light series of two-wheel tractors consists of small models, suitable for small jobs on not very extensive and well-tilled land. The ability to penetrate the soil allows these machines to carry out good milling. These machines allow you to work comfortably, quickly and safely.

Light series two-wheel tractors are designed to meet the needs of any horticulturist and they are suitable for everyday work. Their great handling allows you to prepare the soil for sowing easily and safely, thanks to the excellent balance of weight and power. The handy controls allow you to work avoiding tiring pushes.

Remember that two-wheel tractors are intended for soft and non-stony terrain. They do not go very deep, but they have the ability to finely crumble the soil, more than any garden tiller. This makes them very suitable for working in vegetable gardens on all kinds of crops. Therefore, soft, already tilled and frequently milled soils.

All you need for Soil tilling and land care . A range of over 19 Small Two-Wheel Tractors - Light Series at the best price sale on the online market.
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