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Tecla Jolly System Vacuum Sealer

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ID: K607175

EAN: 9900000000813


Tecla Jolly System Vacuum Sealer
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CUtting board with AgriEuro logoCUtting board with AgriEuro logo
Body material
Max. bags width
30 cm
Manual cycle
Nominal power
0.4 kW
Vacuum gauge
Adjustable sealing time
Manufacturing country
Product Features
Jolly System
Body material:
Body material:
Vacuum type:
External suction
Vacuum cycle:
Sealing bar width:
33 cm
Usable bags width:
30-25-20-15 cm
Max. bags width:
30 cm
Manual mode:
Vacuum with containers:
Adjustable sealing time:
Nominal power:
0.4 kW
Dry/wet foods mode:
Soft/hard foods mode:
Manufacturing country:
Motor data
Power supply:
220 V electric
Double sealing bar:
External liquids filter:
Vacuum gauge:
LCD display:
Free gifts/extra features
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
37x30x16.5 cm
Net weight:
4 Kg
Original packaging
Original packaging/s dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
40x33x19 cm
Gross weight (packaging included) :
5 Kg
Assembly time:
Prompt Delivery
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Estimated delivery: 28/05/2024 - 30/05/2024
€ 232,19
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Tecla Jolly System Vacuum Sealer

TOP QUALITY VACUUM SEALER, intended for hobby users looking for a reliable and HIGHLY PROFESSIONAL product.

Mainly suitable for domestic applications, this machine is one of the most popular products among hobby users.

A compact machine characterised by all the features of a higher level product:

  • Weight: 4 Kg
  • Dimensions: 37x30x16.5 cm
  • Sealing bar length: 33 cm
  • Vacuum: 15 L/min
  • Power switch
  • Pump start button
  • Vacuum gauge
  • Sealing button
  • Sealing timer

WARNING: This vacuum machine (like all vacuum machines with external suction), is not suitable for the suction of products with a significant presence of liquids or flour. In such circumstances it is strictly necessary to choose a chamber vacuum machine.

It works exclusively with embossed bags.

Main features

Why choose this vacuum sealer:

1) QUALITY: EXTREMELY STURDY machine: in fact, this machine can boast an highly resistant mechanics and a large-sized structure.

Moreover, the internal mechanical components are 100% manufactured in Italy. No imported parts! A reliable and sturdy machine, the N°1 of its category. It features a 33 cm sealing bar. It is therefore capable of easily withstand long work sessions, guaranteeing high performance for continuous use.

2) POWER: this vacuum sealer is among the most powerful models, thanks to its 400 Watt of power, essential to provide excellent performance. Many machines on the market, due to their low power, sometimes fail to fully aspire the air and leave residues inside the bag. As a result, the food to be stored deteriorates more quickly.

3) MANUAL OPERATION: This machine is equipped with MANUAL cycle operation. All professional machines work with a MANUAL cycle. The automatic cycle is generally popular among small-sized and cost-effective machines. This serves to extend the life of the motor, preventing it from being subjected to excessive strain, as in the manual cycle, where the operator would tend to insist on sucking air from the bag for a long time, to make sure that the machine has drawn it all in. The problem that arises, in some cases, with the automatic cycle is the presence of residual air which would lead to product deterioration.

Other features

4) SEALING TIMER: The small knob located on the left side of the machine make it suitable for all types of bags on the market. The sealing time can be adjusted so that it is reduced for thin bags and increased for thicker bags. All machines not equipped with this system can pose two problems: 1) when the bags are thin, the sealing may break; 2) when the bags are thick, the sealing may not be sufficient and may "unseal"

5) VACUUM GAUGE: Vacuum level indicator with pointer that allows to establish exactly the right moment to press the sealing button in order to carry out the sealing process.

6) VACUUM COMPARTMENT: One of the few models to be equipped with a vacuum compartment with a dedicated autonomous opening, separated from the rest of the machine body.

7) EASE OF USE: By far the most user-friendly model for any type of user, from the hobby user to the professional one. INTUITIVE AND EASY TO USE THANKS TO THE USER-FRIENDLY AND OVERSIZED CONTROLS

8) PUMP: high quality self-lubricating single-body vacuum pump. Equipped with thermal protection on vacuum pump and sealing system

9) CONTAINERS VACUUM PACKING: Equipped with air extraction hole for vacuum packing with containers.

GENERAL INFORMATION ON VACUUM SEALERS - Operation: the machine extracts the air from the bag and seals it hermetically to prevent it from re-entering. The bag becomes an unsuitable environment for mould and bacteria which cannot proliferate and alter the quality of the food. What is its use: Because the food is hermetically sealed, it does not lose its taste or smell in the refrigerator, and cannot be attacked by parasites (e.g. pasta, rice, etc.). The lack of air in the bag, by blocking the proliferation of micro-organisms, guarantees not only a much higher level of hygiene than other conservation systems, but also a longer shelf-life for the food. Vacuum can also be used for the storage of any other items that may be deteriorated by contact with oxygen. *

Free items & Standard equipment

COMPLIMENTARY: 25x15x1.5 Chopping Board

Complimentary: a practical sturdy chopping board made of solid beech wood, customised with the laser engraved AgriEuro logo.

Ideal for cutting any type of food and easy to clean.

Dimensions: 25x15x1.5 cm

Weight: 390 g

Free items included

The product is shipped in its original packaging.

Instructions manual

Sample vacuum bags

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