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Above-ground Pools Round-shape

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Above-ground pools

Above-ground pools

Above-ground pools are now becoming an increasingly a valid alternative to the more expensive and demanding in-ground pools.
In fact, these categories of pools are affordable for everyone, allowing you to have a pool to use during the summer season, where you can cool off and relax, but differently from in-ground pools, they can be easily disassembled or moved according to your needs.

Different types of above-ground pools

The materials from which swimming pools are made can vary, ranging from the most frequently used, PVC, up to sheet steel in the most expensive cases.

  • Soft PVC structures are among the cheapest in their class, but still provide excellent stability; they are very quick to assemble and ready for immediate use;
  • PVC inflatable structures are even easier to assemble and disassemble and are often recommended for seasonal use;
  • Semi-rigid pools are the most popular, because they can also be made of wood, sheet metal or metal;
  • Sheet steel structures are the most effective and sturdy, but also the most expensive.


Purchasing an above-ground pool entails a number of advantages compared to in-ground pools, such as:

  • Reduced costs: this category of pools is both much cheaper and easy to install;
  • Much easier and quicker maintenance;
  • They do not require special authorisations or permits for construction;
  • They take up much less space.


Regular maintenance of above-ground pools includes daily operations to ensure good water cleanliness as well as more complex tasks such as maintenance of the filter system. The easiest and quickest checks and adjustments for optimal cleaning are to operate the filter for at least half a day, check the pH level, which should always be between 7.4 and 7.6.
It is also important to test the level of chlorine in the water and to monitor the filter and the condition of the pump.
The more time-consuming, to be carried out weekly, and equally important tasks are to check the alkalinity of the water, to regularly use an algaecide to prevent algae formation, to add chlorine tablets to the water as required and to clean the filter if the pressure is too high.

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