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Sulphurizers – Tractor dusters Nr. jets 1 nozzles

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PTO Sulphur Sprayers - Dusters

PTO Sulphur Sprayers

Dusters are usually tractor-mounted machines, where the distribution of powders is entrusted to a powerful jet of air that spreads over the vegetation to be treated.
The machine consists of:

  • A hopper, where there is a powder sieve which allows to measure the quantity of powder to deliver and conveys it towards the air flow for an even distribution of the product;
  • A fan that pushes the powders to the head diffusers;
  • A frame with various connections for towing or lifting;

They ensure excellent coverage of the soil with the treatment, and sufficient penetration of the product into the plants.
They are mainly used to carry out sulphur treatments.

The use of sulphur in agriculture

Sulphur has long been used in agriculture to treat plants against pathogens.
Its use is also allowed in organic farming and can be used by both farms and private individuals for vegetable garden care, fruit plants or vineyards.
Sulphur is able to prevent fungal diseases, as when it comes into contact with the plant, it is able to penetrate into the cells and cause the pathogen to dehydrate and perish.
Its action takes place only by contact, so it must be used at a short distance from the plant, which must be covered with it.

Sulphur-based products

The various sulphur products differ in the way they are applied; they can be divided into:

  • Powder treatments;
  • Liquid treatments;

As we have seen, using the first method the product comes into contact with the plant, causes the fungal agent to dehydrate, resulting in its death.
The second method, on the other hand, is more immediately effective, but is less persistent on plants.

Use and dosage

As with the distribution of any product, it is necessary to follow the instructions on the packaging for maximum safety for personal and environmental health.
For maximum efficacy, it should be used as soon as the first symptoms of fungal growth appear, so as to stop it before it starts spreading.
Sulphur treatments can be repeated several times during the season, however, it is recommended to allow at least three weeks to pass between treatments.
It is very important to wait six days before harvesting as the sulphur deficiency time is 5 days.

The best sulphur sprayers and dusters, suitable for the treatment of large plots of land.

Available in this category is an ideal selection of PTO sulphur sprayers, often also called “dusters”.
These are rather specific equipment, created for spraying sulphur in the vineyards.

However, the PTO duster is also used to distribute copper sulphate, sulphur bentonite and general dusting products generally useful in agriculture.

These machines come with large polyethylene tanks - the capacity of which varies depending on the model - from which the powders are pushed out through a radial fan driven by a power take-off.
The tank is equipped with a mechanical shredder for powder that acts as a shaker to prevent clogging and a powder regulator to open the tank through which the powder passes.
Thanks to gear multiplier, these PTO sulphur sprayers and dusters are able to reach an operating distance of 6 or 8 meters.

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