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Snow blower with 5.5 HP of nominal power

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Snow Ploughs

Multifunction Snow Ploughs

A wide range of snow ploughs, equipped with multi tool system

Multifunction snow ploughs prove extremely useful and versatile when it is necessary to clear roads, open spaces or small driveways of snow.
The great advantage of these machines lies in the possibility of the engine unit to fit a large number of attachments, including rough-cut mowers, furrowers, tillers and many others.

Therefore, this category includes a wide range of drive units, equipped with a snow plough attachment supplied.

These multifunction snow ploughs mount petrol engines manufactured by well-known brands in the field, such as:

  • Briggs & Stratton
  • Honda
  • Kohler

The great potential of the multifunctional system is the possibility of easily transforming the snow ploughs into many other machines that come in useful throughout the year, making the most of the large wheels and powerful engines.
Therefore, for a small additional cost, it will be possible to get different accessories that can be easily applied to the machine unit whenever the need arises.

Our catalogue also includes snow blower models, machines designed to remove excess snow.

What are snow blowers?

Snow blowers resemble the shape of a lawn mower, with a discharge chute mounted on top. These are walk behind machines, where the operator simply let the machine carry out the snow removal work.
They are typically employed to clear walkways, stairs, covered walkways and driveways during the winter. All snow blowers feature a power supply which drives them, the larger models fit a gas engine, while the smaller ones mount an electric motor. They can be divided into two major groups: single-stage and twin-stage.
The former are those suitable for users with small areas to clean.
A single-stage snow blowers comes with an auger where hardened rubber blades are mounted, these lift the snow as they rotate, cutting the surface and throwing the snow upwards out of the discharge chute. They are usually the most affordable and the easiest to use.
Twin-stage snow blowers, on the other hand, are used for heavier and more demanding tasks and feature forward and reversible drive. They mount steel blades on the auger, capable of breaking up ice and compacted snow.
The operation generally goes like this: A first serrated blade breaks up the ice and snow, while a second smoother blade conveys it toward the high-speed centrifugal fan, located behind the auger, that blows the snow up and out of the discharge chute.

What is the difference between a snow blower and a snow plough?

The major difference between snow ploughs and snow blowers is the structure and main function: snow ploughs, in fact, come with an adjustable snow plough, placed on the front of the machine, whose only function is to move the accumulated snow to another spot.
With a snow blower, on the other hand, even the hardest and most compact snow is broken up and conveyed towards a powerful fan which throws it out by means of a discharge chute. As a result, clearing operations performed with this type of machine will be much more effective and functional.

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