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Ryobi ZTRX76 - Battery-Powered Zero Turn Riding-On Mower - 72V/20Ah - 76cm cutting - 2in1

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ID: K607065

EAN: 4892210216441

MPN: RY72ZTRX76?-210

Ryobi ZTRX76 - Battery-Powered Zero Turn Riding-On Mower - 72V/20Ah - 76cm cutting - 2in1
Cover sheetCover sheet
Side discharge
Mulching cutting system
Standard equipment
Zero-radius cutting
Motor type
Battery type
Battery voltage
72 V
20 Ah
No. of batteries
Recommended operating area
4000 s.q. m.
Cutting width
76 cm
Enamelled steel
No. of blades
Reverse speed cutting
Blade engagement
Gear shifting system
Digital control panel
Cutting adjustment
1 lever
Product Features
Enamelled steel
Zero-radius cutting:
ZRT zero-radius tractors:
Side discharge cutting system:
Standard equipment
Mulching cutting system:
Standard equipment
Cutting system:
2 in 1 - Side discharge + Mulching
Recommended operating area:
4000 s.q. m.
Manufacturing country:
Motor data
Motor type:
Battery type:
Battery type:
Battery voltage:
72 V
20 Ah
No. of batteries:
Transmission data
Gear shifting system:
Transmission type:
No. of forward speeds:
No. of reverse speeds:
Forward speed:
max 12 km/h
Operating mode:
Gear lever
Cutting data
Body material:
Enamelled steel
Cutting width:
76 cm
No. of blades:
Blade type:
Cutting blades + mulching
Blade engagement:
Cutting adjustment :
1 lever
Max. cutting height:
100 mm
Min. cutting height:
25 mm
No. of cutting positions:
Reverse cutting system:
Non-marking wheels:
Digital control panel:
Grass discharge side deflector:
Battery level light:
Reverse speed blade engagement:
Electric start with key :
Rear wheels size:
Front wheels size:
Seat type:
Seat with armrests:
Seat adjustment:
Can holder:
Free gifts/extra features
Mulching kit:
On standard equipment
Wooden pallet (safe shipping):
Battery charger:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
162x82x113 cm
Net weight:
192 Kg
Original packaging on pallet
Original packaging/s dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
156x103x90 cm
Gross weight (packaging included) :
210 Kg
Unloading with hydraulic tail lift:
Assembly time:
30 minutes
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Ryobi ZTRX76 - Battery-Powered Zero Turn Riding-On Mower

With the ZTR (Zero Turning Radius) the Operator can steer at 180° without the need of special manoeuvres.

Heavy-duty, sturdy and comfortable machine; the ZTRX76 zero turn riding-on mower is perfect for professional grass cutting in all conditions: whether for large lawns, gardens or fields or even for parks to be maintained and wherever you need to mow grass around trees and flowerbeds with little effort and in total comfort.

The Zero Radius Technology (ZTR) allows the machine to move with extreme agility. The manoeuvrability drastically reduces the driving manoeuvres around obstacles and guarantees an exceptional lawn mowing, even in the most hard-to-reach areas. This reduces manual trimming operations ensuring the highest productivity in the shortest time.

Revolutionary intelligent joystick system that allows perfect control and is much easier than a traditional zero-turn model

The centralised cutting height is adjustable in 12 positions: from 25 mm to 100 mm.

Max. forward speed: 12 Km/h

2 in 1 cutting systems: Mulching and side discharge
The pressed steel sturdy cutting deck It is equipped with 2 pairs of blades, ensuring a 76 cm cutting width, and it is operated by an electromagnetic mechanism.

Cuts up to 4,000 m² thanks to 2 brushless motors and 2 latest 72V lithium-ion batteries of 10Ah each.

Zero turning radius for maximum manoeuvrability, in order not to leave uncut grass.
Super-fast full charge time of 1.5 hours and interchangeable batteries to ensure no downtime.

Electric battery-powered electric motor

This riding-on mower is equipped with a remarkable high-power brushless electric motor with a voltage of 72V and a capacity of 20Ah.

Thanks to its four brushless motors, it is able to guarantee exceptional cutting performance.

The motor of this mower is characterised by advanced intelligence, thus representing an effective synergy between computational processing and mechanical engineering.

This combination optimises the engine's efficiency and ensures a high level of performance.

A remarkable aspect of this machine is the total absence of emissions during its operation.

Being powered exclusively by electricity, it produces no pollutants, contributing to environmental preservation and improved air quality.

A further advantage is the minimised maintenance required by this machine.

Thanks to its advanced design and technology, the required maintenance work is reduced to a minimum, saving users time and resources.

Finally, the maximum speed of this tractor is 12 km/h, allowing considerable agility in cutting operations.

This maximum speed allows operators to complete tasks quickly and efficiently, guaranteeing high quality results.

Zero turning radius technology

The ZTRX76 riding-on mower is a Zero Turn Radius machinery (ZRT). This system uses two independent hydrostatic transmissions on the rear drive wheels allowing them to rotate with a zero turning radius.

The front wheels, on the other hand, are 360 degrees pivoting wheels.

This steering system, consisting of rear drive wheels and front pivoting wheels, makes the ZTRX76 riding-on mower an extremely manoeuvrable machine.

This machine is able to move with extreme agility between trees, flower beds and bushes, even in small gardens and through narrow passages.

However, its efficiency is at its highest in large lawn areas, allowing grass cutting to be completed quickly.

A revolutionary aspect of this riding-on mower is its intelligent, joystick-controlled steering system.

This system provides perfect control and is much simpler than a traditional zero-turn radius model, allowing the operator to manoeuvre with precision and ease.

The high manoeuvrability of a zero turn radius riding-on mower is one of its strengths compared to traditional riding-on mowers.

Riding-on mower controls


The ease of use of this riding-on mower is guaranteed by its intelligent, joystick-controlled steering system. This machine is equipped with this joystick, which, according to its position, allows you to set the movement of the machine.

  • Joystick in straight ahead forward
  • Joystick in right side forward
  • Joystick in left side forward
  • Joystick in reverse gear
  • Joystick in right curve reverse speed
  • Joystick in left curve reverse speed
  • Speed drive adjustment: it allows you to drive at a reduced speed
  • Speed cut adjustment: it allows to cut at reduced rotation speed.
  • LED headlight activation button
  • Parking brake
  • Neutral speed
  • Brake pedal

2 Cutting systems

1- SIDE DISCHARGE: this is the most traditional cutting system which allows cutting the grass without collecting it into the grass collector. For those who have to mow large-sized areas without needing to collect grass, for who doesn’t cut grass too often and has to cut over-grown grass for which the mulching or the grass collection system are no longer efficient.

2- MULCHING: this grass mowing system allows crushing grass clippings and dropping them on the ground. The resulting grass particles are so small, they will be barely noticeable on the lawn. This eliminates the problem of its disposal (reducing any effort and shortening the time-saving). Moreover, grass clippings will break down into nutrients and water for the lawn (grass is 80% water) and will thus ensure a perfectly balanced biological cycle. However, it is worth remembering that, to ensure the greatest mulching results, the lawn should be irrigated and the grass needs cutting at least once a week.

Simply close the side discharge with the proper plug to convert the machine from a cutting system to another one.

Cutting deck

Sturdy 2-blade cutting deck: it is a powerful, high-profile cutting deck intended to mow high and thick grass. The effective cutting width is 76 cm, thus ensuring efficient ground coverage.

Centralised cutting height adjustment: this system allows to select up to 12 different positions for the cutting height. The required height can be adjusted between a minimum of 25 mm and a maximum of 100 mm, offering flexibility and precision in grass length management.

The mowing blades can be operated by means of the controls on the dashboard (red button). The lawn tractor is equipped with an electromagnetic cutting blade drive system, which offers quick activation and deactivation of the blades with a simple touch of the button. This system ensures safe and reliable blade operation, allowing precise and immediate control of grass cutting.

In brief, the sturdy 2-blade cutting deck is a professional and reliable solution for tackling tall, dense grass.

With its centralised cutting height adjustment and electromagnetic blade drive, it offers an effective, precise and safe cutting experience. The anti-skid wheels and sturdy construction help ensure optimal performance even on uneven terrain, providing a uniform, high-quality cutting result.

Other features

Ryobi ZTRX76 zero turn riding-on mower additional features:

  • Can holder compartment
  • Large-sized tyres: they ensure higher care of the lawn and great adherence to the ground and traction on a riding-on mower.
  • Pivoting front tires: they can rotate up to 360 degrees.
  • Large-sized highly-comfortable seat with armrests. It can be adjusted according to the Operator’s needs and lies on large springs to absorb eventual bumps due to an uneven terrain.
  • Control joystick
  • Large front platform
  • LED headlights
  • USB charging port
  • Batteries compartment
Free items & Standard equipment

COMPLIMENTARYProfessional cover and XXL storage

It is essential for protecting your riding-on mower when stored.

This cloth is fast and easy to apply; within seconds your machine is protected from dust and moisture.

It is equipped with elastic on the lower edge to perfectly adhere to the bottom shape of the riding-on mower.

It is provided with a ventilation system.

Easy to fold and store in its box, it is really space-saving!

McCulloch Li-58T strimmer - lawn edger

This cordless strimmer is the perfect combination between a sturdy and efficient petrol machine and a light, comfortable and quiet battery tool.

The McCulloch Li-58T cordless strimmer is very powerful thanks to the 58V technology and its high-quality Lithium-Ion battery.

It is renowned as one of the most powerful battery-powered brush cutters available on the market. It joins together high performance and great comfort of use.

This McCulloch Li-40T strimmer is equipped with a double line Tap & Go strimmer head.
Cutting width: 38 cm

The McCulloch Li-58T electric strimmer is the perfect tool if you want to give your driveway or lawn contours a neat and tidy look.

Equipped with a 58 volts - 2.6Ah Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery. This battery lasts 3 times longer than regular batteries and it charges much faster (in just 60-90 minutes).

The battery and the charger are compatible with other McCulloch Li-58 tools.

This lawn edger is provided with turbo Power Boost system, which allows to perform higher power.

Free items: original McCulloch 2.6Ah/58V battery and McCulloch rapid charger provided on standard equipment together with the unit.

Free items included

The riding-on mower is shipped in its original packaging with metal box.

Assembly kit

Battery charger and 2 batteries included

Mulching kit

The instructions manual is included in the package.

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