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RGV Fresh Quality SV 400 Automatic Vacuum Sealer with Roll Holder Compartment and Bag Cutter

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MPN: 110502

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RGV Fresh Quality SV 400 Automatic Vacuum Sealer with Roll Holder Compartment and Bag Cutter
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CUtting board with AgriEuro logoCUtting board with AgriEuro logo
For free: 2x 20x600 rolls!For free: 2x 20x600 rolls!
Body material
PVC + steel plates
Max. bags width
40 cm
Manual cycle
Automatic cycle
Adjustable sealing time
Product Features
SV 400
Body material:
PVC + steel plates
Vacuum type:
External suction
Vacuum cycle:
Manual + Automatic
Sealing bar width:
40 cm
Usable bags width:
40-35-30-25-20-15 cm
Max. bags width:
40 cm
Manual mode:
Automatic mode:
Vacuum with containers:
Automatic vacuum time sensor:
Adjustable sealing time:
Dry/wet foods mode:
Soft/hard foods mode:
Manufacturing country:
Motor data
Power supply:
220 V electric
Double sealing bar:
Automatic lid:
External liquids filter:
Vacuum gauge:
LCD display:
Free gifts/extra features
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
52x29x16 cm
Net weight:
5.9 Kg
Original packaging
Original packaging/s dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
57x34x25 cm
Gross weight (packaging included) :
7 Kg
Assembly time:
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Estimated delivery: 21/06/2024 - 25/06/2024
€ 509,09
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RGV SV400 Compact Vacuum Sealer with Double Sealing

This RGV Fresh Quality SV 400 vacuum sealer with dual seal technology comes with a machine body entirely made of steel and 2 40 cm sealing bars in parallel to ensure a secure seal.

This models features an internal bag cutter for direct use of vacuum bag rolls.

Extremely easy to use thanks to its user-friendly controls, it allows:

  • a fully automatic vacuum packing by simply pressing a button
  • bags sealing without vacuum in manual mode
  • to interrupt the processing to create a partial vacuum (indicated for friable foods)
  • direct vacuum packing with containers
  • marinate foods with the container

the machine is sturdy, lightweight and easy to store.


  • Weight: 5.9 Kg
  • Dimensions: 52 x 29 x 16 cm
  • Bar length: 40 cm
  • Suction capacity: 20 L/min
  • Maximum vacuum value: 900 mbar

WARNING: This vacuum machine (like all vacuum machines with external suction), is not suitable for the suction of products with a significant presence of liquids or flour. In such circumstances it is strictly necessary to choose a chamber vacuum machine.

It works exclusively with embossed bags.

Double sealing bar

The vacuum sealing machine is equipped with a parallel welding bar which allows to carry out a particularly resistant and securely held double sealing.

The machine can perform vacuum packing with bags up to 40 cm in width. Equipped with a removable silicone gasket, for sealing very close to the sealing bar.

The vacuum tray has a double gasket to ensure a better result.

Inside the machine, there is a vacuum bag cutter: it is a very useful tool for making bags of different sizes and allows to create a vacuum bag by simply cutting a section from the vacuum bag roll.

Focus on the closing lid handle, which avoids having to push down the sealing bar forcefully, as is necessary on most competing machines.

On the control panel, accessible with the lid closed, is located the air extraction hole to pack with containers.

Main features

  • vacuum bag rolls/vacuum bags compartment (with lid) for vacuum packing;
  • 40 cm double sealing bar;
  • side compartment with lid to store the flexible connecting rubber hose to vacuum pack with containers;
  • cutter support and cutter to cut the bag of the desired length;


  • Power supply [VHz] 220/240 50
  • Power [W]: 350
  • Motor power: DC 12V 45W 300 rpm
  • Suction power [bar]: 0.9
  • Two pumps connected in parallel
  • Maximum bag width [mm]: 400
  • Dimensions of the sealing bars [in mm]: 0.1 thickness / 3.0 width
  • Machine weight [Kg]: 5.90
  • Product size WxDxH [mm]: 515X285X160

Controls and operation

Simple and user-friendly pressure controls:

  • Vacuum Seal/Cancel button: This button has two functions depending on the machine’s status: when in stand-by, it starts the AUTOMATIC vacuum cycle, when working, it stops the machine;
  • Pulse Vacuum button: it allows to manually control the vacuum pump;
  • Manual seal button:
  • Sealing time button: used for choosing the best bag seal time;
  • Type of Vacuum: it allows to choose between two different vacuum pressure levels;
  • Container button: to vacuum packing with containers;
  • Marinate button: used to marinate foods in containers, it enables food to be flavoured in a few minutes. Thanks to the power of vacuum, this program allows the marinade to be thoroughly absorbed and save a lot of time, retaining the flavours and making meat tender and fish and vegetables particularly tasty;

Extremely easy vacuum sealer functioning

  • Put the food under vacuum making sure to leave at least 10 cm between the food and the end of the bag
  • Make sure that the part to be sealed is perfectly clean
  • Close the bar by pressing down on the handle until the bag latches
  • Press the Vacuum and Seal button
  • When the LED light goes out, unlock the lid

It is possible to carry out a partial vacuum by interrupting the automatic vacuum process and carry out the sealing process manually.

There are 3 "sealing time" modes that can be shown on the led display: to be used depending on the sealing time required.

Focus on the rear cable reel and the power switch.

Free items & Standard equipment



No. 2 20x600 cm food-grade embossed vacuum bags rolls

COMPLIMENTARY: 25x15x1.5 Chopping Board

Complimentary: a practical sturdy chopping board made of solid beech wood, customised with the laser engraved AgriEuro logo.

Ideal for cutting any type of food and easy to clean.

Dimensions: 25x15x1.5 cm

Weight: 390 g

Free items included

  • Original packaging
  • 1 vacuum bag roll
  • 1 instructions manual
  • 1 connector for vacuum packing with containers

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