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Tractor-mounted Flail Mowers - Light Series

Tractor-mounted Rear Flail Mower Light Series

When to buy a light series rear tractor-mounted flail mower?

The AgriEuro catalogue offers a wide selection of light series tractor-mounted flail mowers, equipped with knives or hammers and with fixed three-point-hitch.

Depending on the width of the model, these tools can be supported by tractors with powers ranging from 15 to 50 HP. Their lightweight construction (100 to 170 kg) allows them to carry out low-level work on small to medium-sized areas. However, they are able to shred vegetable residue without limitations and with an efficiency comparable to heavier, more structured models.

As for the cutting tools, these tractor shredders are equipped with double steel knives or smooth hammers that can finely grind grass of any height, pulverising it very finely (thanks to their high number of revolutions) and also small diameter branches. Finally, to ensure stabilisation on the ground, these tractor flail mowers are already supplied as standard equipment with an adjustable rear support roller device.

Light series rear flail mowers can be further distinguished by the side shift which can be:

  • with fixed hitch, the shredder is placed slightly away from the tractor, but in a fixed position;
  • manual, the shift (right or left) of the flail mower with respect to the tractor can be easily carried out manually with the special stops, allowing a better versatility of the tool compared to the fixed variant;
  • hydraulic, when the shift of the flail mower with respect to the tractor can be carried out automatically through the controls placed on the tractor. In this case, simply connect the specific hydraulic linkage to the tractor. This system makes the light series rear stalk crusher much more versatile compared to other types of flail mowers.

All you need for Mowing of tall or spontaneous grass – Tractor-mounted agricultural machines . A range of over 69 Tractor-mounted Flail Mowers - LIGHT at the best price sale on the online market.
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