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Hand-push Power Sweepers

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Hand-push Power Sweepers

Hand-push Power Sweeper

A selection of small hand-push power sweepers, excellent for cleaning domestic environments

Manual hand-push power sweepers are less performing and more cost-effective than engine-powered models. These machines are the most affordable on the market, perfect for simple jobs on small areas.

As they’re not provided with a motor, manual models are really easy to use: the operator, pushing the machine, allows it to move by activating the wheels. These are connected to the brushes, engaged by machine movement.

How to chose a hand push power sweeper?

In order to choose the most suitable sweeper, it is essential to consider these aspects:

  • Our intended use, in order to purchase the machine with the best quality/price ratio according to our needs.
  • Another important aspect to consider is whether to chose an electric, battery-powered or LGP model.
  • Floor type: In fact, each material requires an appropriate type of brush, which is not suitable for other materials.

Purchase guide:

The different filters allow you to purchase the machine that best suit your needs dividing them into categories depending on the feature selected.

  • MANUFACTURER: Our catalogue includes different brands that offer the highest-quality machines on the market, such as Einhell, Karcher, Ryobi.
  • BRUSH WIDTH: The size of the brushes can vary from 25 cm to 61 cm.
  • BRUSH TYPE: They can be divided into models with mini-brushes, disc brushes + roller, or double disc brushes + roller.

All you need for Outdoor cleaning and maintenance . A range of over 23 Hand-push Power Sweepers at the best price sale on the online market.
Our 2024 AgriEuro catalogue is constantly enriched and updated showing competitive prices from € 171.44 up to € 1,847.24