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Power sweepers with brush and desuckering head

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Power Sweepers


What is the function of a power sweeper?

Power sweepers are machines designed to collect solid debris such as leaves, branches, light layers of sand or soil from outdoor areas - such as paths, roads, yards, entrances - or indoor areas, through the mechanical action of brushes.
Power sweepers remove the so-called “loose dirt“, i.e. not encrusted or sticking to the floor.

Versatile and easy to handle, power sweepers can be used on many materials, such as concrete, asphalt, carpets and all those types of short pile textile floor coverings. Despite this group of products also includes ride-on models, built as real motorised vehicles for working on the roads, our catalogue focuses on a very wide range of hand-push or self-propelled machines.

All these machines can easily remove:

  • leaves
  • snow
  • fine dust
  • gravel
  • small debris

What are the main features to consider before purchasing a power sweeper?

Among the main elements to consider, you can find:

  • working width, which is the area that the machine can cover while working. The wider the working width, the less time it takes to clean a certain surface. The working width can range from 20-40 cm in the smallest and most limited models to over 2 metres in the road-going models. Usually, above 75 cm the machines are suitable for semi-professional and heavy-duty use.

  • Another important element is the hourly output, i.e. the ratio between the working width and the machine speed. This ratio indicates the actual extent of the area that the sweeper can clean in one hour.

  • If you seek a power sweeper to clean thoroughly and deeply and too also remove viscous waste, then you should consider a vacuum sweeper. These machines feature a vacuuming function which draws in the waste that is collected and pushed towards the central part by the rotating brushes. As a result, the machine does not just sweep and push the dirt towards the collector, it also directs the dirt towards the centre of the machine, where it is then vacuumed and loaded into the collection tank.

Power sweepers with different power supply: which to choose?

Walk-behind power sweepers can be divided according to power supply, which determines both price and performance.
  • hand-push power sweepers are less performing than motorised models and definitely more affordable. These models are the most affordable on the market, perfect for small jobs in limited areas.
    Since they are not equipped with an engine, manual models are simple to use: the operator, pushing the machine, activates the wheels and makes the machine move. The wheels are connected to the brushes, activated by the movement.

  • petrol power sweepers are particularly performing thanks to their engine. Therefore, they are more expensive than other types and suitable for intensive use and large surfaces. This type of power sweepers is not suitable for indoor use due to exhaust gases of the engine. You can choose between petrol power sweepers without collection tank and others with collection tank.

  • Not equipped with an engine, such as petrol models, electric power sweepers are particularly suitable for indoor use. Connected to a cable, electric models do not have autonomy and running time problems.

  • Our catalogue also includes a range of metal power sweepers, specifically designed for mechanical weeding and cleaning of floors such as porphyry and sidewalks. These peculiar wheeled machines are ideal to easily obtain a superior working yield than standard machines.

What are the brands to consider?

Our catalogue includes leading manufacturers of power sweepers. As for many other products, a serious, well-known and trusted brand means choosing quality and safety. The brands you should consider while purchasing a power sweeper are:

  • Eurosystems
  • Karcher

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