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Petrol Rough Cut Mowers | Self-propelled Scythe Mowers ► with Blade

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Petrol Rough Cut Mowers with blade

Petrol Rough Cut Mowers with blade

Petrol rough cut mowers are specifically designed to cut very tall grass and weeds on fields and farmland. They can be classified into different categories according to the different cutting heads they mount; in this specific category are listed the models with blade cutting heads.

These models are fitted with a robust blade that performs mulching cutting, i.e., shreds the grass very finely, allowing the operator to leave it directly on the ground; this will then decompose into water and organic substances that will nourish the ground beneath.

Main features:

These self-propelled machines are manoeuvred by means of the handlebar, which also contains the main controls of the cut mower.

The central part of the machine contains the petrol engine, which can vary in displacement and power; the major producers on the market are Honda, Loncin and Briggs & Stratton, all of which guarantee reliability and performance.

The different models can then feature a single gear or a multi-speed system to operate also on rougher terrain.
Finally, the cutting section, located at the front of the machine that, as previously stated, can be equipped with a mulching blade as well as other cutting tools.
In fact, the petrol rough cut mowers with blade can be divided into further subcategories with different cutting heads such as: Petrol rough cut mowers with blade + wire head or petrol rough cut mowers with blade - multi-tool.

Petrol rough cut mowers with blade + wire head

As the subcategory name suggests, this cut mower can be equipped with two different cutting heads: mulching blade or wire head. The wire head is an accessory employed in more specific operations, perfect for refining works on grounds with stones or debris that may damage the mulching blade deck.
The basic functioning is exactly the same as for a brush cutter, but with a much higher performance.

Petrol rough cut mowers with blade - multi-tool

This subcategory includes all models that are equipped with a cutting deck with blade, but are able to be fitted with many other accessories to perform additional work, such as:

  • Leaf vacuum: It allows quick collection of dry leaves;
  • Front blade: To collect and remove snow, sand and soil;
  • Snow blowers: It performs the function of a snow blower, removing snow from streets and driveways;
  • Sickle bar: For mowing uncultivated grass;
  • Sweeper brush: To operate like a power sweeper.

Useful filters for the purchase:

Lets now have a look to the various filters that can be used when purchasing these machines:

  • Cutting width: Shows the different possible cutting widths, which vary according to the size of the cutting plate and the type of cutting required;
  • Gearbox type: By using this filter, it is possible to choose among different available gearbox types: for hobby use, machines with single-gear or 1+1 gears systems are the best choice; on the other hand, for professional use, machines with multiple-gears systems are required.
  • Forward system: The machine can be fitted with smooth or tractor wheels. The first ones are suitable for work on slightly sloping surfaces, while the tractor ones allow easy movement even on rough and sloping terrain;
  • Adjustable cutting height: It allows you to filter machines models between those where the cutting height adjustment is possible and those where it is not.

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