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Pramac generators powered by Honda engines

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The generators provided in this category stand out worldwide for their high-quality and efficiency and they are fully made-in-Italy products being manufactured by Pramac, the Italian leading company engaged in the manufacturing of power generators.

These models are powered by Honda engines, which are renowned to be the best petrol engines available on market. Thus, they are also equipped with Italian-manufactured alternators, produced by NSM (Nuova Saccardo) and Mecc Alte, the greatest producers among the alternator manufacturers.

These generators are specifically designed for a heavy-duty and intensive use thanks to the high-quality of the components they consist of and to their top-quality design.

The range of Pramac generators of our catalogue features different models starting from the small-sized and compact generator with 2.6 kW power output up to the heavy-duty three-phase generator rated at 6.2 kW power output and to the single-phase generator with 6.0 kW.
Each Pramac generator of this category is specifically designed to meet the requirements of all those expert users who are specifically looking for a unit with high performance and a deeply studied design for a use in all those situations requiring high standards of reliability.
All you need for Transportation, construction works, repairs and DIY activities . A range of over 19 Pramac Gnerators powered by Honda engines at the best price sale on the online market.
Our 2020 AgriEuro catalogue is constantly enriched and updated showing competitive prices from 658,55 € up to 1.510,96 €
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