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Grills and BBQs Outdoorchef

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Outdoorchef BBQs

Outdoorchef Barbecues

Outdoorchef Barbecues, quality at the best price

For over 20 years, Outdoorchef has been delivering incredible innovations to the market. The Swiss brand has succeeded in establishing itself on the market thanks to its patented funnel system. This mechanism ensures even heat distribution and prevents unwanted grease fires.

In addition, all Outdoorchef barbecues feature a grease collection tray which allows the meat juices to flow into the special container. A feature that makes barbecue cleaning much easier. Thanks to these characteristics, Outdoorchef distinguished itself from all the other grills on the market.

According to the type of barbecue, Outdoorchef has developed different types of funnels. In detail there are:

  • Outdoorchef Charcoal BBQs:

    Outdoorchef charcoal BBQs come with the Easy Slide special device, which allows to cook at different temperatures without necessarily having to change the grill. This way, the user can control the cooking temperature in a simple and practical way.

  • Outdoorchef Gas Grills:

    The Outdoorchef Gas Grills are instead equipped with the Easy Flip mechanism, which can change heat distribution simply by turning the funnel on the inside. It allows for both direct and indirect cooking;

  • Outdoorchef Electric Grills:

    Finally, the Outdoorchef Electric Grills feature the Easy Reflect funnel, with which the heat is diffused in a more homogeneous way;