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Olive harvesters and olive shakers

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We offer the widest range of prompt delivery harvesters and shakers for olive harvesting. They are classified in many subcategories according to their movement (sideways, vertical, rotating and swinging movements of the rakes) and their power source (battery, compressed air or with internal combustion engine).
Battery-operated olive harvesters are the most popular products that stand out for their great performances, lightweight and ease of use as is just necessary to use a car battery as power source. Compressed air olive harvesters, which represent the early edition launched on the market, have reached high standards of quality and reliability. Anyway, we remind you that these machines must be matched with an air compressor to be operated. Finally, we stock olive shakers with internal combustion engine, both with hook or with rake. They are specific products intended for specific uses.
These subcategories include different kind of olive harvesters: with diapason-shaped or straight teeth and with flexible or rigid teeth which can be removed one by one or which are located on a single rake. Moreover, they are made of carbon or rubber and work with different movements according to the model.
The wide range of olive harvesters stocked in our web site is suitable for any kind of cultivar.
You can choose which olive harvester is the most suitable to your needs according to the extension pole length (it can be fixed or adjustable) or according to where the motor is located (especially referring to the battery-operated models). We suggest our customers to focus their attention on the wide range of battery-powered olive harvesters, as this subcategory includes the most popular and the widest range of olive harvesters of the market.
All you need for Olive harvesting . A range of over 110 Olive harvesters at the best price sale on the online market.
Our 2020 AgriEuro catalogue is constantly enriched and updated showing competitive prices from 213,30 € up to 963,93 €
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