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Battery-powered Electric Olive Harvesters with Oscillating Heads

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Battery-powered Electric Olive Harvesters with Oscillating Heads

Abbacchiatori & Scuotitori Elettrici a Batteria a Teste Oscillanti

When do you need a battery-powered olive harvester with oscillating heads?

Olive harvesters with oscillating heads are less powerful harvesters, featuring not very robust mechanics and built with a traditional technique, known and unchanged for many years.

These are 12V battery-powered tools, functioning through two lateral sectors which each implement a rotating/oscillatory movement.

Very suitable even for beginners, although their harvest yield is very low.

These imported machines are suitable for amateurs, sold at a particular affordable price. These battery-powered harvesters are designed for limited use and for easier cultivars (for example olives not too resistant to detachment). We have 2 models (by different brands), fairly similar in performance:

  • olive harvester with oscillating spheres:, equipped with vibrating black plastic spheres, each with 8 elastic collecting prongs;
  • olive harvester with rotating brushes: the various "off-axis" rotary movements of each individual mini-brush simulates the overall work of 6 manual rakes, detaching each type of olive.

All you need for Olive harvesting . A range of over 8 Electric Olive Harvesters with Oscillating Heads at the best price sale on the online market.
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