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Battery-powered Electric Olive Harvesters with Double Rotary Motion- with telescopic aluminium or carbon rod

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Battery-powered Electric Olive Harvesters with Double Rotary Motion

Abbacchiatori & Scuotitori Elettrici a Batteria a Doppio Movimento Rotatorio

When should you choose a battery-powered olive harvester with double rotary motion?

This type of olive harvesters with double rotary motion is the most technological advanced, with the most complex mechanics and with the most articulated rotation movement.

These tools ensure an effective harvesting, but this does not mean that they can always be classified as the best, as their effectiveness depends both on the type of cultivar, plant and olive to be harvested and, above all, on the operator. It is a highly professional tool that can only perform at its best when used by a competent user.

These olive harvesters are powered by a 12V heavy-duty battery, featuring reliability and high yield; they express the best of their qualities under the most difficult conditions, thus working successfully on extremely thick, intricated and unpruned trees, as well as for the harvesting of small, hard-to-detach olives. In this conditions, the yield is far greater than in all other types of battery-powered electric olive harvesters.

-AREA COVERED BY THE MOVEMENT: the prong movement of this type of olive harvester covers an extremely large area in both horizontal and vertical directions. The large rake with wide movements, combined with the considerable length of the prongs with which the head is equipped, make these products with a double rotary movement the ones with the greatest area coverage among all types of electric olive harvesters.
-METHOD OF USE: this type of olive harvesters, although technically complex, they are user-friendly and normally passed vertically through the plant, simulating the action of a comb both from top to bottom and in the opposite direction, even in the case of more intricate and thick plants.
-CULTIVAR: these olive harvesters are suitable for all types of trees, thanks to their high penetration capacity, which allows them to penetrate deep into even thick, unpruned and very intricated plants. They are suitable to cover huge areas of olive groves, to maximize harvesting speed and yields.
-OLIVE TYPE: the harvesters in this category can be used on any type of olive. The yield always remains high, whatever the size of the olive or how hard they are to detach.

All you need for Olive harvesting . A range of over 12 Electric Olive Harvesters with Double Rotary Motion at the best price sale on the online market.
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