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Battery-powered electric olive harvesters with rotary motion - with fixed or telescopic pole - in aluminium or carbon

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This type of olive harvesters with rotary motion can guarantee high performances (great harvesting capacity) and are the most versatile tools as they are suitable for the widest range of trees and types of olives. The olive harvesters here presented are all electric battery powered with 12 volts, which are characterized by the great variety of functioning: we can distinguish between machines with a classiical and well known mechanics and machines which were recently added to the market and have very forward technology. This type of harvesters is considered as innovative for its:

  • WORKING AREA: their motion covers a wide working area (both horizontally and vertically). In fact, each prong of Giulivo and Oliviero models can move as a cone while Campagnola and Castellari models are equipped with rakes with a wide movement. Moreover, the harvesting head consists of two very long blocks on which are located the prongs. This feature makes your olive harvester suitable to go in depth into the branchesof the tree.
  • MODE OF USE: these olive harvesters are very easy to use. They work vertically by crossing the branches. Their work is very similar to a comb with up-down motion even in case of tangled and thick branches. Compared to previous models, they gently harvest damaged or not pruned trees.
  • VARIETY: these olive harvesters are intended for any tree because they can get in depth even into very thick, not pruned and very tangled trees.
  • TYPE OF OLIVE: these olive harvesters are best suited to harvest any type of olive. Giulivo and Oliviero models are best suited to harvest olives that are easy or quite easy to remove. They are not particularly suitable for olives which are harder to remove. Campagnola and Castellari models are intended to remove even olives that are hard to remove.

All you need for Olive harvesting . A range of over 24 Electric Olive Harvesters with Rotary Motion at the best price sale on the online market.
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